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Why and How to Launch an Internal Podcast

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Considering launching an internal podcast in your organization? This Expert Talk covers the three key benefits as well as how to choose the right topic and format.
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Have you noticed the rise in popularity of podcasts, maybe are a fan of them yourself, and are now wondering if they could be an exciting new opportunity for your organization to tap into? Then this Expert Talk is for you. We’ll first go over the three key benefits of having an internal podcast before diving into how to choose the right topic and format for your organization. Let’s get you out of analysis-paralysis and into action.

About the author

Kat Brendel's love of stories led her to study journalism and build a career in media. After gaining marketing experience in South America, the US, and Europe, she learned not just how to tell stories, but how they can drive businesses forward. She hosts the Leading Rebels podcast, co-founded CoWomen, and helps underrepresented voices find, own, and share their story with a podcast & beyond.


Katharina Brendel

Growing up surrounded by inspiring women fighting for gender equality in South America, the US, and Europe, Kat Brendel has seen first-hand the incredible value women bring to any table. As a journalist, interviewing female leaders from around the world to inspire more women to lead was the logical answer to how she could do her part. Because everyone benefits from more female leadership.