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PowerPoint 2019

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This book about PowerPoint 2019 will teach you how to use the features of PowerPoint 2019 to build a slide deck and present it. It is part of the Office 2019 suite of programs.
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PowerPoint 2019 is part of Office 2019 the latest iteration of Microsoft Office. It is part of a standalone suite of programs. You can install it on one computer be that Windows or Mac. In this book, you will learn how to build a presentation, including how to modify the Slide Master, change the Theme and Rehearse the presentation. Learn about adding Tables, Charts, Pictures and SmartArt to your slide deck. Find out how to create a template and save the Slide Master for future use.

About the author

Shelley Fishel is the owner and founder of tomorrow's VA - an online training portal with courses in Microsoft Office. Shelley has been teaching Microsoft Office for over 20 years both in the classroom and online. A Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, Shelley holds the Certified Online Learning Facilitator - COLF qualification and the Certified Designer of Online Learning - CDOL both from The Learning and Performance Institute.

Prior to setting up tomorrow's VA , Shelley ran The IT Training Surgery, a face to face training company which she sold in January 2019.

With several titles on Bookboon, Shelley spends time learning new features of each release of Office and creating training courses and books.

Shelley loves to simplify a process and help her students become more productive when using Microsoft Office.

  1. Author Biography
  2. What is PowerPoint 2019
  3. The PowerPoint 2019 Screen
  4. The Ribbon
    1. The Home Ribbon
    2. The Insert Ribbon
    3. The Design Ribbon
    4. The Transitions Ribbon
    5. The Animations Ribbon
    6. The Slide Show Ribbon
    7. The Review Ribbon
    8. The View Ribbon
    9. The Help Ribbon
    10. Contextual Ribbons
  5. The Quick Access Toolbar
    1. Adding Icons to the Quick Access Toolbar
  6. Customising the Ribbon
    1. Add Icons to the Ribbon
  7. Using the ALT Key
  8. Different Views of a Presentation
    1. The Views
    2. Normal View
    3. Outline View
    4. Slide Sorter View
    5. Notes Page View
    6. Reading View
  9. Creating a presentation
    1. Creating a blank presentation
    2. Creating a presentation using a template
    3. Searching for a template
  10. Importing Word document Outlines into PowerPoint
    1. To Import an Outline from Word
  11. Working with a blank Presentation
    1. Adding Slides
    2. Adding text
    3. Adding a Table
    4. Add a Chart
    5. Add SmartArt
    6. Adding pictures
  12. Format the presentation using slide masters
    1. What are Slide Masters?
    2. View the Slide Master
    3. The Slide Master
  13. Themes
    1. What is a Theme?
    2. Layouts
    3. Applying a Slide Master – or Changing the Theme
  14. Making Changes to the Slide Master
    1. Changing Headings and Fonts
    2. Adding new layouts
  15. Background Images
    1. Remove/Hide a background image from a slide
    2. Remove/Hide background graphics from all slides in the Slide Master
  16. Footers and Slide Numbers
    1. Show or Hide Slide Numbers Headers and Footers
    2. Add Footers or Slide Numbers
    3. Adding the Slide Number
  17. Modify a Design Theme to make it your own
    1. Modify theme elements
    2. Background Styles
    3. Save the Slide Master
  18. Templates
    1. Save as template
  19. Customise presentation options and views
    1. Changing to view in colour/grayscale
  20. Navigating using Presentation Views
  21. Presentation Properties
  22. Printing presentations
    1. Print Slides
    2. Choose what to print
    3. Print presentations in Grayscale
  23. Create Handouts in Microsoft Word
    1. Package for CD
    2. Maintaining Backward Compatibility
  24. Present a Slide Show
    1. Setting up the Slide Show
    2. Present Online
    3. Rehearsing timing
    4. Record Slide Show
    5. Presenter view
    6. Custom Slide Shows
  25. Working with Slides
    1. Duplicate existing slides
  26. Slide Backgrounds
    1. Format Background
  27. Styling your presentation
  28. Adding and formatting Shapes
    1. Inserting Shapes
    2. Create custom shapes
    3. Ordering Shapes
    4. Align Shapes
    5. Group or merge shapes
    6. Merge shapes
  29. Adding Sections
    1. Add a section
    2. Change the order of slides
  30. Working with Slide Content
    1. Adding Columns to a text box or shape
    2. Add Hyperlinks
    3. Inserting and formatting text
    4. Text Alignment and direction
    5. Create a bulleted List
    6. Create a Numbered List
    7. Insert a table
    8. Charts
    9. SmartArt
    10. Convert a list to SmartArt
  31. Working with Pictures and Images
    1. Add a picture from a file on your computer
    2. Add an online picture
    3. Add a Screenshot
    4. Make changes to the way images look
    5. Picture Styles
    6. Add Icons
  32. Working with Media
    1. Add a video
    2. Video Format tools
    3. Add a screen recording
    4. Add Audio
    5. Insert 3D Models
  33. Transition effects
  34. Zoom
    1. Create a Summary Zoom
  35. Animation effects
    1. Add Animation effect
  36. Draw on your slides
    1. Turn on the Drawing Ribbon
    1. Comments are on the Review Ribbon
    2. Track Changes
  38. Researching your presentation topics
    1. The Review Ribbon
  39. Preparing to finalise the presentation
    1. Spelling and Thesaurus
    2. Accessibility
    3. Inspect for Issues
    4. Inspect
    5. Check Compatibility
    6. Optimise the presentation
    7. Export
  40. Protect a presentation
  41. Embed Fonts
  42. Reuse Slides
  43. Common Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Index