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OneDrive For Everyday Users

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“OneDrive” is a personal cloud-based storage platform provided by Microsoft that is connected to your Windows 10 computer.
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“OneDrive” is a personal cloud-based storage platform provided by Microsoft that is connected to your Windows 10 computer. OneDrive is short for OneDrive for Home or OneDrive for Work or School on Windows – where you can access your OneDrive files and folders in File Explorer, from or your mobile devices.

About the Author

Meatau Larry Saytee has over a decade of experience in the SharePoint space both in the on-premise and cloud platforms. He has written several articles on the SharePoint subject matter for different audiences. He strongly believes that what may seem as complicated as far as usability of such a powerful platform can be easily explained through simple concise instructions and illustrations.

As a child, he often found it frustrating that teachers use complex language to show their authority rather than focusing on conveying an idea, delivering a course etc. It goes without saying, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin. As well as being a good mind-set, it is a reminder to focus on affective teaching.

From his experience, you will always encounter a learning curve when you learn something new. There are most likely frustrations and struggles that come with learning something new. One should not quit but work through those frustrations to progress.

Better tools and writing styles can lessen these frustrations and struggles. Subsequently, he envisages himself as a published author with the goal of mitigating this learning curve in the SharePoint collaboration subject matter.

For more information about his articles as well as consultancy, please contact him on +44 7791842745 or visit his web site.

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  • Profile Overview
  • About this Book
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  • Prerequisites
  1. What is Onedrive
    1. Onedrive Introduction
    2. Onedrive for Home
    3. Onedrive For Work Or School
    4. Onedrive for Home and Work or School differences
    5. Onedrive for Home and Work or School Review
  2. Access Onedrive on Your Computer
    1. Install and Setup Onedrive
    2. View and Manage Your Onedrive files and folders
    3. Sign out of Onedrive
  3. Access Onedrive in Office desktop apps
    1. Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps
    2. Access Your Onedrive account in an Office desktop app
    3. Onedrive User Information in an Office desktop app
    4. Add a Onedrive account in an Office desktop app
  4. Access Onedrive at
    1. Log into Your Onedrive Account
    2. Sections of your OneDrive for Home landing page
    3. Your “My files” and Folders Panel
    4. Your “My account” slide out panel
    5. Sections of your OneDrive for Work or School landing page
  5. Access OneDrive on your Mobile
    1. Install OneDrive on your Mobile Device
    2. Setup OneDrive on your Android phone or tablet
    3. Setup OneDrive on your iphone or ipad
    4. Sign into your Mobile device
    5. Your OneDrive accounts
  6. Common OneDrive tasks
    1. Create, Upload, Save and Delete files and folders
    2. Manage OneDrive files and folders
    3. Share files and folders in OneDrive
    4. Unable to share files and folders in OneDrive
    5. View shared files and folders in OneDrive
  7. Sharepoint Server
    1. What is Sharepoint Server
    2. Sharepoint Server deployments
    3. Sharepoint 2019 modern experience
    4. Sharepoint 2019 permissions
    5. Access OneDrive from sharepoint 2019
  8. Sharepoint Online
    1. What is Sharepoint Online
    2. Sharepoint Online Small Business Plans
    3. Types of Sharepoint Online sites
    4. Access OneDrive on Sharepoint Online
  9. OneDrive or Sharepoint
    1. Microsoft 365 review
    2. OneDrive review
    3. SharePoint Review
    4. OneDrive or SharePoint review
  10. Appendix
    1. Create a Microsoft account @
    2. “Sign In” To Your Microsoft Account @
    3. 53 Shortcuts for Windows 10 File Explorer
    4. OneDrive icons in the notification area and file explorer
    5. Site permissions, List permissions, and Personal permissions levels
    6. SharePoint user permission actions and definitions
    7. 6 factors for SharePoint Online deployment
  • Index