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How to Measure and Manage Productivity

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Organisations all want to be productive. This eBook considers how to measure productivity in different jobs and describes action to increase productivity at organisational and individual levels.
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A more productive workforce will increase profits or enable services to be delivered with fewer resources. Statistical analysis at this level can be complex and can deter people from thinking about measuring productivity. This eBook shows that there are various levels of monitoring dependent on the job and context. It considers obstacles to managing productivity as well as measures at organisational and individual levels to increase productivity. The flavour of this eBook is to offer practical steps to achieve based on the authors’ experiences and knowledge of how organisations work.

About the authors

This book has been written by Bernard Nawrat and Jill Seymour. We each have over 30 years’ experience in public sector HR. We support public-sector employers on HR matters and have worked with Bookboon on a series of eBooks about HR issues. Our approach is to offer practical and common-sense solutions based on best practice. We live and work in the UK.

  • Author Biography
  1. What’s All the Fuss About?
    1. Definitions
    2. Why Productivity Matters
    3. Time to Reflect
  2. Different Jobs, Different Measures
    1. Input Measures
    2. Measuring Outputs
    3. Responsibility to Set the Measures
    4. Considering the Measures
    5. Time to Reflect
  3. Challenges to Measurement and Management
    1. Gap Analysis
    2. Size and Complexity of Organisation
    3. Management Skills
    4. Remote and Hybrid Working
    5. Time to Reflect
  4. Improving Productivity – Organisational Level
    1. Effective Communications
    2. Using IT
    3. Using Other Data
    4. Recruitment
    5. Reorganisations and Reviews
    6. Time to Reflect
  5. Improving Productivity – Individual Level
    1. Workplace Environment
    2. Performance Management
    3. Use of Reward
    4. Managing Absenteeism
    5. Learning and Development
    6. Use in other Procedures
    7. Time to Reflect
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Jill Seymour & Bernard Nawrat