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Keep Moving: Virtually Perfect

An Expert's Guide to Presenting Online

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In an increasingly virtual world, communications and voice expert Rachel Coffey shares the secrets to succeeding in online presentations. Her knowledge is essential for presenters of all levels.
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As the whole world is communicating online at present, it is becoming ever more essential that we are able to look and sound professional in the virtual world. In this in-depth expert talk, communications and voice expert Rachel Coffey shares the secrets to succeeding in online presentations. 

For experienced presenters to novices alike, the talk covers everything from basic set up through to how to use your voice and physicality effectively online. Learn what works in terms of visual presentations and what will help you engage your audience and come across as both confident and professional. 


Rachel Coffey

About the author

Rachel Coffey is a leading voice and communication expert who has been working in the creative industries for over 25 years. For the last 8 years she has been working with c-suite leaders and corporations to deliver communications excellence on an organisational level. She coaches companies and individuals from all parts of the globe to create, present and communicate using innovative and engaging techniques.

Rachel has an MA in Professional Voice Practice (trained in association with the RSC) and is an NLP Master Practitioner. She is the founder of a successful communications, business and life coaching consultancy that she runs from her base in London. She has worked with numerous companies from The Royal Court theatre to global advertising giants helping to unleash creativity and bring about real and lasting change.

She uses a unique set of techniques that transform the way we connect with our audience, colleagues and our own creative self. She has a passion for working with businesses to design programmes that deliver results in a uniquely engaging and experiential way. Rachel also delivers individual one-to-one-coaching.