Introduction to Cancer Biology

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48 pages
Introduction to Cancer Biology is a short primer on how cancers develop and grow.
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Dr. Momna V Hejmadi
Director of Studies
Dept. Biology & Biochemistry
University of Bath
United Kingdom


Introduction to Cancer Biology is a short primer on how cancers develop and grow. The aim of this book is to provide a gentle exploration of the fundamental concepts in a easy-to-understand format, using examples and key figures for illustration. It is written in a style to help the reader understand the six basic principles that inform our current understanding of cancer, at the molecular, cellular and physiological level. The text can be used either as a first step towards a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of cancer progression or it can be used as a quick revision guide. It would be suitable for anyone, with or without a background in biology.

This e-book is also the recommended textbook for the free online course 'Inside Cancer'.

  1. How cancer arises
    1. Defining cancer
    2. Cancer is clonal in origin
    3. Insights into cancer
    4. Causes of cancer (aetiology of cancer)
    5. Identification and histopathology of cancers
    6. The 6 hallmarks of cancer
  2. Immortality: Continuous cell division
  3. Sustained growth signals (oncogenes)
  4. Bypass anti-growth signals (Tumour Suppressor Genes)
  5. Avoidance of cell death (apoptosis)
    1. When does apoptosis occur?
    2. What triggers apoptosis?
    3. How does apoptosis occur?
  6. Ensuring blood vessel growth (angiogenesis)
  7. Spread to other sites (metastasis)
    1. What are the stages of metastasis?
    2. Key molecules involved in metastasis
  8. Summary and some thoughts for the future
Mein Prostata-Karzinom schien für 6 Jahre besiegt zu sein. Jetzt bewegt sich etwas beim PSA-Wert, was Sorgen bereitet. Das Buch hat mir sehr viele Einzelheiten komprimiert an einer Stelle dargestellt, die ich sonst nur mit Mühen und weiterer Aufregung gefunden hätte. Ich werde das Exemplar mit zu meiner ersten Strahlentherapie-Sitzung nehmen. Ich habe auch die deutsche Version gelesen, was natürlich viel einfacher und schneller ging. Offensichtlich kann ich diese Version aber nur online lesen und nicht downloaden. Vielen Dank noch einmal an Momna für dieses gelungene Buch. Es heilt zwar nicht das Karzinom, aber es erklärt alles, was sonst unklar bleibt.
Excellent. I have a brain tumour, a third occurance of an oligoastrcytome initially presenting in my left frontal lobe. It has been treated successively with surgery, radiotherapy, and so far two courses of radiotherapy. This book has greatly increased my understanding of how it formed and is able to spread. I've started doing a lot of research into cancer (specifically brain originating oligoastrocytomas), the current state of research and trials. I salute you Momna for making this freely available.
Clear and concise in its form. Highly recommended for nurses like me and other medical-related courses, and to those who want to enhance their knowledge about the illness.
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