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In Focus: Learning in an Agile Environment

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Detlef Hold – Head of Digital Learning Experience at Roche – discusses what the gig economy means to learning, blended learning, social learning, peer exchange, and becoming more agile.
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Detlef Hold is the Head of Digital Learning Experience at Roche, an Organizational Psychologist, an explorer of new experiences and a life-long learner. His career has spanned education engagements at Stanford, PUCE Ecuador and at eMBAs in Switzerland. In corporate learning he worked in HR, R & D Learning & in Transformation programs in Europe, Silicon Valley and China.  

He is a speaker at conferences, ad board member of CLN and judge of Brandon Hall and Chief Learning Officer Awards.

Here he discusses the real long-term potential for digital learning which we are not yet seeing, as well as how we can drive better inclusivity and availability.