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How to Keep on Top of Your Job

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You can stop playing catch-up at work and eliminate the stress of urgent tasks, an ever-increasing backlog, and last minute interruptions by being more proactive at work. This book tells you how.
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  1. Keep on top of your job by being proactive
    1. Why you need to be proactive
    2. Portrait of a proactive person
    3. Stop playing the “catch-up game”
  2. How to become a proactive person
    1. Proactive actions
    2. Get organized
    3. Set specific goals for the future
    4. Set fewer goals
    5. Plan and prioritize
    6. Know when to say no
    7. Visualize the task or activity in advance
    8. Maintain an inventory of completed tasks
    9. Don’t procrastinate
    10. Develop routines and habits
    11. Set deadlines on all important tasks
    12. Start at the finish
    13. Develop checklists
    14. Know how to say no
    15. Slow down and pay attention
    16. Maintain the right attitude
  3. Planning keeps you on top of your work
    1. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Prioritize
    2. Planning saves time
    3. Planning is the key to being proactive
    4. Making commitments to get things done
    5. Guidelines for scheduling tasks & activities
  4. How to build an inventory of completed tasks
    1. Make a list of repetitive tasks
    2. Planning leads to doing
    3. Storing your inventory of tasks
    4. Build the routine of working ahead for future events
    5. Visualize the future events and activities
    6. How to get the time to get ahead
  5. Know how to say no
    1. Don’t be so quick to say yes
    2. Know why you are saying no
    3. The emotional side of saying no
    4. Even your brain wants you to say yes
    5. Let your yes be yes and your no be no
  6. Delegation makes proactivity easier
    1. Get things done through others
    2. The delegation process
    3. Why people are reluctant to delegate
    4. What jobs should you delegate?
  7. Build the habit of being proactive
    1. Personal policies help you to be proactive
    2. Benefits of routines and habits
    3. Develop the do it now habit
    4. Get organized and manage your time well
    5. You can become a proactive person

Leave behind the stressful day to day activity of rush jobs, an increasing backlog of work, constant interruptions, and the continuing struggle to catch up. Instead, be proactive, and not only stay on top of your job, but get ahead of your job as well. This book explains how to work smarter, build an inventory of completed work ahead of time, and discusses 16 strategies that will keep you proactive.