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How to Get a Pay Rise

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This book puts the concept of "pay rise" in context with career management. It reviews how to view your work, job and future.
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We all want to be rewarded fairly and well for our work. If sometimes you believe you are due more, what do you do?

This book puts the concept of "pay rise" in context with career management. It reviews how to view your work, job and future, how to link job satisfaction and rewards and define what, exactly, rewards are ( the "package") and how to assertively and persuasively approach asking for an increase.

It provides an invaluable and thought provoking and practical guide for all those who believe the old saying that you do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

  1. Introduction: Difficult But Possible
  2. Your Career
    1. Your career plan
    2. Self-analysis
    3. Assess your skills
    4. Assess your work values
    5. Assess your personal characteristics
    6. Assess your non-work characteristics
    7. Example of review: international opportunities
    8. Conclusions
    9. Linking your analysis of yourself with market demands
    10. Sum up your analysis and set clear objectives
    11. Making objectives useful
    12. Research to assist your progress
    13. An action plan
    14. Obtain professional career guidance
  3. The Nature of Renumeration
    1. Obtain the right rewards
    2. Take a chance
    3. Get it in writing
    4. Future finances: pension
    5. Seek sound financial advice
    6. Do not be led by events
    7. Be optimistic
    8. Dealing with success
  4. Asking For A Pay Rise
    1. Recognise that this is difficult
    2. How not to get a pay rise
    3. How to get an increase
  5. Being Persuasive
    1. The power to persuade
    2. Approaches that persuade
    3. Take a long term view
  6. Negotiation
    1. Be prepared
    2. Communicate clearly
    3. Look the part
    4. Respect your “opponent”
    5. Aim High
    6. Get their shopping list
    7. Keep searching for variables
    8. Utilise the techniques
    9. Manage and control the process
    10. Be forever on your guard
  7. Looking Ahead