Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership

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161 pages
This book provides a refreshing introduction to the three fascinating and fundamental subjects of communication, public relations and leadership.
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Sobre o autor

Dr Georgios (Giorgos) Piperopoulos studied sociology and psychology at American, German and Austrian Universities receiving his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees; taught for over five decades at several American, European and Greek Universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate le...


This book provides a refreshing introduction to the three fascinating and fundamental subjects of communication, public relations and leadership. Aimed primarily at University undergraduate and postgraduate students (as well as those studying A-levels) in business schools, within the humanities and social sciences, and communication and media studies, the book examines and explores in a unique, provocative and iconoclastic manner the major theories, models and trends in the three fields.


Part One – Communication

  1. Communication is a universal phenomenon
    1. System of 4 components
    2. Communication among ants and bees
    3. Communication among canines & felines
  2. Human Communication
    1. The scheme of human communication
    2. Defining human communication
    3. Language in human communication
    4. Words in a language
    5. Signs and Symbols
    6. Semiotics and Semiology
    7. The role of context and effect in communication
    8. Barriers to communication
  3. Body language
    1. Darwin’s contribution
    2. The ‘intrigue’ of body language
    3. Keeping matters at ‘arm’s length’
    4. The role ‘culture’ plays
    5. Focusing on the human face
    6. Ardrey’s ‘territorial imperative’
  4. Mass Media & social media
    1. From stone inscription to the printing process
    2. Enter the ‘penny press’ innovation
    3. From the wired telegraph to wireless telegraphy
    4. AM and FM radio come to existence
    5. Birth and development of television
    6. The digital age & ‘www’
  5. The Role of attitudes in human communication
    1. Defining Attitudes
    2. The components of attitudes
    3. Attitude functions for the personality
    4. Our attitudes can change
    5. Attitude measuring scales
  6. Part Two – Public Relations

  7. The birth of a speciality
    1. Tracing P.R. roots in antiquity
    2. A historic glimpse at the USA in late 19th and early 20th Century
    3. Defining the field of Public Relations
    4. Misconceptions of public relations
    5. Brief profiles of four pioneers in P.R. history
  8. Publics, Public Opinion and its moulders
    1. Historical evolution of the term ‘public’ 
    2. Public Opinion
  9. Rhetoric, Persuasion and Propaganda
    1. From Rome with…’love’
    2. Not one but a multitude of definitions
    3. A variety of propaganda types
    4. World Wars & the use of Propaganda
    5. The Korean War and “Brainwashing”
  10. Corporate Communication & Responsibility
    1. Corporate Communication
    2. Corporate responsibility or CSR
    3. P.R. vs. marketing and advertising
  11. Press releases, special events and sponsorships
    1. An in-house P.R. specialist vs. the services of a P.R. consultancy
    2. The ‘press release’ or ‘news release’
    3. Form & structure of a ‘press’ or ‘news release’
    4. Content and Style of the ‘press or news release’
    5. Different ‘releases’ to different Media
    6. Emphasis on ethos, pathos and logos
    7. Special events and sponsorships
    8. Crisis management
  12. Part Three – Leadership

  13. Leaders and Leadership
  14. Leadership, Power, Authority & Charisma
    1. A glimpse at recent political, financial and religious events
    2. Starting with Plato and Aristotle
    3. Max Weber’s theoretical viewpoint
    4. Enter Machiavelli, Sennet & Habermas
    5. The era of ‘scientific management’ and the Hawthorne studies
  15. Leadership research at the Universities of Iowa, Ohio & Michigan
  16. Modern theories of leadership in Private and Public Enterprises and Organizations
    1. Contingency and path-goal theories
    2. Transformational leadership – ‘Charisma’ revisited?’
  17. Instead of an epilogue: Women leaders remain under a ‘glass ceiling’
    1. Women in Politics
    2. Women in the Economy and in Higher Education
  18. References / Bibliography
  19. The Author
True to its title this book will prove to be a valuable addition to your bibliography. Download and enjoy!
13 de outubro de 2019 09:06
A book with a trilogy of significant subjects which will prove useful to three types of readers, i.e. Students, professionals and interested members of the general public. Well written and informative.
13 de outubro de 2019 09:00
A book with a trilogy of significant subjects which will prove useful to three types of readers, i.e. Students, professionals and interested members of the general public. Well written and informative.
11 de outubro de 2019 07:36
Combining the three subjects in one volume is indeed an innovative approach and presenting them in an easy to understand narrative is noteworthy. A book worth reading and a project well done!
28 de setembro de 2019 12:29
An excellent introduction to communication theories and effective practices and to Public Relations. The auhot had done a commendable job in helping both students and practitioners acquire usable skills!
28 de setembro de 2019 12:07
An impressive textbook by an obviously skillful writer who writes convincingly combining his expertise as both an academic and a practitioner.
28 de setembro de 2019 12:01
Bringing together in one volume these three subjects is in itself an innovative job. Delivering in excellent text the votre essence of the 3 subjects deserves an honest applause. Well written, well documented and really useful.
23 de setembro de 2019 11:00
Well structured, well written and well documented book much needed for those of us not exposed to social and behavioral subjects in our university years. I highly recommend this book considering it as a classic in its field.
18 de setembro de 2019 12:51
Practitioners interfacing with the public stand to gain plenty from this book and university students should add it to their "must read" list before leaving the academic environment! Thumbs up recommended.
17 de setembro de 2019 12:02
A book worth every minute you will spend reading it as it will reimburse you generously! Useful modern information and well supported by a rich bibliography.
6 de setembro de 2019 11:03
An extremely useful book for those wishing to improve their communication skills!
5 de setembro de 2019 10:40
I have read and thoroughly enjoyed a book which is undoubtedly a significant thesis on the three major subjects constituting its title. The book strongly does deliver what it promises in a pleasant, innovative and well supported manner!
1 de setembro de 2019 12:24
A remarkable book that will augment existing communication, public relations skills to everyone in a position of interacting with clients and customers.
31 de agosto de 2019 17:17
A brilliant job by an expert in the field! The author by combining communication, leadership/management and public relations in a single volume has been clearly innovative. The rich bibliography will help the reader to seek new sources of information as needed.
27 de agosto de 2019 12:12
You can find many books on communication as well as books on public relations, management and leadership if you search the internet. This book deserves the characterization of 'outstanding' for two main reasons: that it is well structured and properly documented and unique in combining the 3 subjects in one volume! I believe it will soon be a "classic".
26 de agosto de 2019 12:42
A great book for those who do not have a media or communication university background but who operate in positions interacting and interfacing with members of the public! Useful for practitioners and surely belonging to the bibliography of relevant college and university modules. Useful easy reading.
3 de agosto de 2019 11:00
An impressive book on three significant themes which should prove useful to the general public beyond its usefulness for university students and young practitioners in the three interelated fields.
21 de julho de 2019 12:14
Professor Piperopoulos has a plethora of admirers among university students fort his courses on communication, public relations and management and many more from his frequent appearances on Greek TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. Our ex teacher with this excellent book will surely add many more admirers on a global scale. Well done prof!
20 de julho de 2019 12:28
An excellent textbook that will richly enhance your understanding of the fascinating subject of communication and will improve your leadership skills!
19 de julho de 2019 12:11
A truly creative combination of three significant subjects in one book. Communication was, is and will always be 'the name of the game' and so is the art of exercising effective public relations and the ability to lead people from a managerial position. Excellent reference book for students, practitioners and even members of the interested general public. Well done!
18 de julho de 2019 13:34
If your professional activities require interaction with the public download and read this impressive book introducing the reader to three fascinating and indeed functionally interrelated subjects! You will be introduced to some secrets in effective communication, will understand what is effective public relations and will be familiarized with some crucial leadership/management theories! Well done!
6 de julho de 2019 12:28
Here is a well structured (it presents three related subjects) well written and richly supported book which will educate and inspire the readers!
5 de julho de 2019 13:22
Simply a must read for university students and young practitioners in the Media, Journalism and PR.
1 de julho de 2019 10:28
The book should be classified as a classic in introducing university students and young practitioners to the 'secrets' of successfully communicating and carrying through PR tasks.
19 de junho de 2019 10:51
A fascinating presentation on three topics of its title that deserves to be read. I especially cherish the author's presentation of the continuing practice of "glass ceiling" for women seeking executive posts. Professor Piperopoulos' short article in LinkedIn on the 'glass ceiling' phenomenon is a useful link to this book.
16 de junho de 2019 12:32
The author has managed to creatively combine three themes in a notable book deserving the attention of university students in the related fields asvwell as practitioners seeking a ftresh approach to their daily duties and activities. Well structured, well supported and offering a noteworthy rich bibliography.
12 de junho de 2019 12:15
A very noteworthy addition to bibliographies in communication, public relations and leadership! The book reads well, is rich in bibliographical references and delivers admirably the promise of its title. High level reference work for students and practitioners in management, marketing, media and journalism.
2 de junho de 2019 11:16
The book is creatively addressed to a multiple of audiences. University students in management, media and public relations will do well to add it to their bibliography. Young management practitioners will refresh their knowledge in these three fields. Members of the interested general public will enjoy it.
31 de maio de 2019 10:19
An impressive textbook by an academic/practitioner useful for university students as well as the general public since it presents three significant/interrelated subjects in a well structured, bibliographically richly documented book which reads very pleasantly.
26 de maio de 2019 12:12
An excellent textbook for university students who major in media studies, marketing, public relations and management and for practitioners in sales and services to the public.
18 de maio de 2019 09:01
Obviously professor Piperopoulos knows his stuff and in this admirably creative synthesis of three related subjects he offers professionals and students a book worth reading. Well done job by a distinguished academic with broad practitioner experience on both sides of the Atlantic.
15 de maio de 2019 20:05
If you are a university student looking forward to a Jon in PR or in a marketing department add this book to your "must read" list. If you are already employed in a capacity requiring interacting and interfacing with the public download and read it at your next free interval. Members of the general public will find it useful even if they limit their reading to the sections on better understanding the language of their cats and dogs...
15 de abril de 2019 16:45
An admirably creative presentation of three interrelated subjects by a seasoned academic! Not just for university students but for working men and women who interact with the public and who are charged with management roles!
14 de abril de 2019 13:30
Professor Piperopoulos presents three significant and related subjects in a distinguished monograph serving as an excellent textbook for students and a useful reference book for professionals. Read it and I am certain you will agree!
29 de março de 2019 10:35
Another notable example of the work of an academic who is obviously talented in bringing to an accessible vomprehension level academic material free of academic jargon. Three cruvialnthemes presented in a concise manner!
26 de fevereiro de 2019 12:36
With Parliamentary elections forthcoming in the EU I would strongly suggest to all candidates to download and read this book! Surely for all those interacting with the public as employees an managers of private otr public corporations, services, institutions and NGOs the book is definitely a "must read".
24 de fevereiro de 2019 15:15
An educational book by an author who knows his stuff. I have had extensive experience in the Sales field and yet as the book combines three important areas I confess that I learned some new things.
30 de janeiro de 2019 12:04
Anyone who has an innate or an acquired talent of being an effective communicator has something to learn from this excellent book. All those who are not but wiush to be effective communicators have a lot to gain by treading this book. Professor Piperopoulos has made it possible!
23 de janeiro de 2019 13:00
Informative, contemporary and useful in each of the three subject areas it deals with. Enlightening presentation of the challenging facets of human and animal communication.
20 de janeiro de 2019 14:06
If, like me, you believe that 'communication is the name of the gsme' this book vindicates us. If you are not on our side please tread the book and you will convert. Professor Piperopoulos has done a great job!
20 de janeiro de 2019 11:22
Professor Piperopoulos deserves recognition for his innovative paraphrasing -not plagiarizing- Descartes 'cogito ergo sum' as the subtitle to this impressive book 'I communicate therefore I exist'.
14 de janeiro de 2019 08:26
An impressive introduction to the fascinating field of communication theory and media applications which is enriched with information on Public Relations.
8 de janeiro de 2019 09:02
Professor Piperopoulos knows his stuff and with this book he provides the novices with contemporary and useful material and the more experienced with a first rate 'refresher'. Well done.
6 de janeiro de 2019 17:26
For every professional interacting with members of the public a uniquely helpful book.
4 de janeiro de 2019 17:39
A well structured, bibliographically rich trilogy which will be enjoyed by students in media, communication and PR management and by interested members of the general public. As the subtitle creatively suggests 'if you communicate you...exist!
26 de dezembro de 2018 07:55
A remarkable treatment as an innovative triptych of the three interrelated and fascinating management subjects. A book worth reading!
23 de dezembro de 2018 19:32
Great help for those who have not had exposure to PR and communication fields.Contemporary and fresh for those already involved in relating to people.
20 de dezembro de 2018 07:48
Students, teachers, sales people and aspiring politicians will benefit from the first part of this impressive book. All those who interact with people will learn a lot from the Public Relations part of the book. Junior managers will learn from the Leadership section. There is something for almost every one who will download this book!
16 de dezembro de 2018 09:35
A remarkable presentation of communication and public relations useful to everyone interacting with the public. The section on leadership is greatly enhancing this triptych of management topics.
7 de dezembro de 2018 13:47
An impressive introduction to three significant topics authored by an academic/practitioner who knows his stuff. Useful for university students, enlightening for working men and women, informative for members of the interested public.
24 de novembro de 2018 14:41
Even 'old hands' in the sales sector can appreciate this book as it offers a wealth of information in dealing with people. Thoroughly enjoyed it and wholeheartedly recommend it
24 de novembro de 2018 13:51
Communication is 'the name of the game' in many aspects of commercial, entreptreneuriall, political as well as academic activities. Public Relations has existed through out history and is currently a professional activity. Leadership from antiquity tobour days shapes the realities in micro, medo and grandiose levels. Bringing the 3 subjects in one book professor Piperopoulos has been innovative as an academic practitioner!
22 de novembro de 2018 13:45
From the cover page where a woman instructs to the discussion on 'glass ceiling' professor Piperopoulos is offering a monograph enriching the existing bibliography on the 3 topics it covers. If you are in sales or need to interact with people do read it!
22 de novembro de 2018 12:42
A real thesaurus of authenticated information in improving communication skills and effectiveness in dealing with the public. Really useful textbook
14 de maio de 2018 12:48
An excellent treatment of three significant topics. I was especially impressed by the leadership section as I realize that Chancellor Merkel has been reelected since the book was published AND the :'glass ceiling phenomenon' for women managers has not been improved in the least!
12 de maio de 2018 12:53
A remarkable textbook written by an academic who has had extensive practitioner experiences. Surely of great help to students but useful for those of us already earning a living in the services industry!
3 de maio de 2018 11:07
An excellent textbook for novices, an uptodate refresher for professionals. I do applaud the author's presentation of the continuing glass to of problem facing professional women. Commendable!
3 de maio de 2018 10:25
If, like me, you did not major in management or social sciences read this book. It is an excellent source as a textbook in the 3 areas contained in its title!
30 de abril de 2018 11:22
An impressively innovative textbook on communication and public relations skillfully enriched by a third section on leadership.
21 de abril de 2018 08:35
Professor Piperopoulos has created a valuable book for all those who need to have good knowledge of public relations and communication
18 de abril de 2018 09:21
In sales and in other professional areas communication is "the name of the game" and this book can help you become a good player. It is enriched by good sections on public relations and management. Read it.
12 de abril de 2018 10:42
Great help in enabling me to interact with the public.
20 de março de 2018 11:33
An excellent refetence book with an abundance of useful information.
9 de março de 2018 14:14
The section on PT helped me in my duties and the other two were informative as well.
2 de março de 2018 12:34
An excellent reference book for those of us who did not study social sciences or management but are currently in management positions.
27 de fevereiro de 2018 14:01
Well conceived, well structured, well authenticated an innovative in combining three significant fields. Well done!
27 de fevereiro de 2018 13:37
Excitingly informative textbook!
24 de fevereiro de 2018 13:25
I think that the subtitle of the book "I communicate therefore I am" should be its title as it innovatively combines three interrelated subjects very well!
18 de fevereiro de 2018 14:23
Great book for those dealing with people as customers and as employees!
14 de fevereiro de 2018 11:03
It was recommended by a colleague and as an engineering graduate I learned a lot an applied what I learned in overseeing my current project personnel.
10 de fevereiro de 2018 14:42
For all of us who did not study social sciences this book is an oasis and a gold mine of information on communication and management
2 de fevereiro de 2018 14:24
Great help for media and communication students.
20 de janeiro de 2018 14:03
For a novice in public services a great valuable resource for dealing successfully with people!
20 de janeiro de 2018 13:30
Impressive and informative, pleasant reading of three fascinating subjects!
18 de janeiro de 2018 14:02
A really enlightening book for those of us who were exposed to communication and public trelations courses during outer university years.
18 de janeiro de 2018 13:23
From the beginning to the epilogue this is a textbook worth the time to read. University students and young professionals have a lot to gain reading this modern textbook.
14 de janeiro de 2018 09:55
It is never too late to download and read this textbook even if you have left the university amphitheaters a few years go and you are already in management.
13 de janeiro de 2018 20:16
Impressive and convincing presentation of communication and public relations and useful treatment of management as leadership.
9 de janeiro de 2018 15:30
The innovative combination and presentation of the topics of communication, pr and leadership render this excellent textbook as a 'classic' in its bibliographic category.
7 de janeiro de 2018 10:23
An impressively innovative treatment of P.R. and communication useful to persons in management.
6 de janeiro de 2018 10:22
Noteworthy presentation of communication, refreshing treatment of the specialty of Public Relations practical portrayal of leadership!
6 de janeiro de 2018 07:37
A fascinating presentation of 3 subjects important in the daily routines of management in modern organizations.
6 de janeiro de 2018 07:22
Impressive and useful for PR people!
5 de janeiro de 2018 19:53
I wish I had seen this book during my university studies but I will say that it is not too late reading it now, as it is informative and useful.
5 de janeiro de 2018 18:15
Informative and useful as well as challenging.
4 de janeiro de 2018 09:06
Professor Piperopoulos has composed an innovative textbook covering three germane topics. Notable!
4 de janeiro de 2018 07:46
Professor Piperopoulos has produced an impressive textbook useful to both students and practitioners.
27 de dezembro de 2017 10:58
An impressive presentation of three fascinating subjects. Contemporary and informative
27 de dezembro de 2017 10:45
A modern book focusing on three modern and very significant areas useful for students, practitioners and for the general public!
24 de dezembro de 2017 12:09
An excellent source of information and a high quality reference book for those of us in management dealing with the public we serve.
19 de dezembro de 2017 09:24
A very well written and informative book for students and professionals in the communication and public relations fields.
18 de dezembro de 2017 11:09
Thoroughly informative and well written. In our times communication is the 'name' public relations the means for 'leaders' to be successful.
18 de dezembro de 2017 09:17
A book that will greatly help the reader understand the fascinating world of communication and gain insights in the operations and effects of public relations.
17 de dezembro de 2017 09:16
An impressive and informative textbook familiarizing the reader with these three important subjects for all of us interfacing with other people.
15 de dezembro de 2017 09:34
An easy to read, informative textbook worth downloading and keeping for future reference!
11 de dezembro de 2017 13:01
I found it to be an informative and very useful book.
11 de dezembro de 2017 12:54
It is an excellent ebook, you can gain a sound knowledge of communication P.R and leadership. I had the honour to talk with Mr.Piperopoulos and I am proud that we are both Greeks!
8 de dezembro de 2017 09:58
I had the pleasure and honer of having professor Piperopoulos as my teacher and mentor at the University of Macedonia, Greece before coming to the UK for my post graduate degree in management. He was inspirational to me and many other students at the University and other Greek and European Universities. I am now extremely happy that i have found and downloaded this impressive book which should be read by undergraduate and professionals across the Globe.
7 de dezembro de 2017 11:53
Helpful in learning to deal with the public and to understand those above and those below me in the organizational chart.
6 de dezembro de 2017 13:20
An excellent source of information about PR and communication!
6 de dezembro de 2017 12:26
An impressively useful textbook for all of us interacting with people on a daily basis.
6 de dezembro de 2017 12:24
One of the best I have seen in discussing PR and leadership. What the world needs is charismatic leaders with solid ethical beliefs and good communication skills. Should be read by politicians and not only university students.
5 de dezembro de 2017 13:33
An excellent textbook for those seeking to improve their communication and management skills!
15 de novembro de 2017 14:16
One of our apprentices recommended this book which really impressed me with its breadth of scope and fascinating contents. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
15 de novembro de 2017 13:15
If your job entails interacting with people I suggest you download and tread this book. Great help
3 de novembro de 2017 14:24
Since my academic background was in engineering I did not have much exposure to the themes of communication and public relations. However in my current duties as plant manager I found these two themes and the third theme on leadership to be useful in my relationships with several hundred employees at my plant.
2 de novembro de 2017 17:44
A impressive textbook which I will keep as a valuable reference after graduation.
24 de outubro de 2017 11:54
An interesting and informative book. I enjoyed the reference to Brainwashing and propaganda as they relate to the Korean conflict of the 1950's and current Korean tensions.
24 de outubro de 2017 11:42
Great help for me as a sales person and I can imagine it is very useful for students in relevant fields.
22 de outubro de 2017 11:13
A very modern, very informative, useful textbook.
22 de outubro de 2017 11:07
If you were searching for good advice in improving your relationships with friends, clients or customers or, in good humor, your relationship with your cat or dog read this book! Professor Piperopoulos of Newcastle Business School Northumbria University has written an impressive book on communication, public relations and the subject of leadership. Read it and you will agree.
15 de outubro de 2017 08:39
A contemporary and informative book that delves meticulously but not boringly into the three areas of communication, pr and leadership. I enjoyed it!
15 de outubro de 2017 07:23
Professor Piperopoulos has created a unique text and innovated in covering 3 significant subject areas which are dynamically inter related. Well done!
15 de outubro de 2017 07:12
After reading it I will classify it in the category of most helpful textbooks for university students in media studies, marketing, management and PR as well as for young practitioners in these fields.
15 de outubro de 2017 07:06
A practical guide in dealing with clients, customers and interfacing with the general public. Download it, read it and I am certain you will agree with my appraisal of the book.
11 de outubro de 2017 09:55
The book was recommended to me by a friend at Athens University and I confess that I enjoyed reading it. Contemporary and informative.
5 de outubro de 2017 10:20
Contemporary, full of useful information, rich bibliography.
5 de outubro de 2017 07:40
As I am far removed from media, communication and management studies I thought this book would be hard to grasp and distant. I do confess that I found it interesting, informative, enjoyable reading and, finally useful.
4 de outubro de 2017 18:50
I found it to be an enlightening textbook useful for me and fellow students in media and management.
4 de outubro de 2017 15:45
A fascinating and commendable presentation of the three subjects. Well structured, properly authenticated, convincing arguments.
4 de outubro de 2017 15:40
An excellent textbook on three modern subjects. As I am in sales I found it useful as well as enjoyable reading.
30 de setembro de 2017 11:53
For those of us dealing with the public a great book! It would be helpful, and this is not to be taken as an insult, to some supervisors to read the leadership section and then look at their mirrors. Positive leadership at the end benefits all of us.
29 de setembro de 2017 11:58
I came across this book while searching material for theories of leadership. Great help and passed it on to a friend majoring in media studies.
29 de setembro de 2017 11:34
I found it interesting and especially provocative in its presentation of proper PR and of its extravagances. Very interesting handling of propaganda through time.
4 de setembro de 2017 11:50
Useful, full of info, a must read for all of us in service industries.
4 de setembro de 2017 11:07
Contemporary, informative, provocative and thought provoking textbook. I believe it could be used by students in many management, media and language degrees.
30 de agosto de 2017 11:26
A modern and impressive textbook not just for me but for fellow students in media and management.
30 de agosto de 2017 11:05
Enjoyed reading the stress/time book by Professor Piperopoulos and indeed appreciated this textbook for a fascinating presentation of the three subjects.
29 de agosto de 2017 13:14
Highly recommended by a friend from LSE and after reading it I will gladly recommend it to my classmates. Especially appreciated the rich bibliography.
25 de agosto de 2017 11:32
A fascinating textbook full of info useful to management and media students. Pleasant reading
25 de agosto de 2017 11:23
My lucky day to come across another interesting book by professor Piperopoulos. Useful and also interesting for sales people.
24 de agosto de 2017 12:59
A modern textbook on three imposed themes. Informative and it is free to download
4 de agosto de 2017 12:47
If you are in sales or in other fields dealing with people and face to face interaction, download and read it. You will not only enjoy it but I dare guess you will pass the link on to associates and friends.
2 de agosto de 2017 12:22
I evaluate it as mandatory reading for university students and a pleasant refresher for those of us professionally active.
1 de agosto de 2017 13:24
Contemporary, information rich and useful. For those of us in sales it is a must read
1 de agosto de 2017 12:44
A useful and modern textbook for students and I think an interesting book for the general public.
28 de julho de 2017 13:23
Very useful and informative for those of us away from social sciences.
27 de julho de 2017 10:56
As I am in sales I enjoyed reading Professor Piperopoulos' book on stress and time management. I found this book informative in the first two parts, communication and public relations. Good read.
21 de julho de 2017 13:57
Going beyond the university student audience, this book is a welcome refresher for seasoned managers.
21 de julho de 2017 13:23
Informative, helpful, really useful for those of us involved in administration who do not come from the fields of business administration or communication.
4 de julho de 2017 11:43
As I interface with the public I found this book indeed enlightening and useful. Lots and lots of information.
26 de junho de 2017 11:15
Very helpful to those of us who have not had enough background in communication and public relations. Fresh approach to the eternal challenges of leadership.
26 de junho de 2017 11:00
Richly informative and nicely rewarding reading. Educational for students, a refresher for us.
23 de junho de 2017 13:33
Well conceived, well structured, well written. Surely useful as a textbook as we'll as a reference book.
23 de junho de 2017 13:25
An eye opener especially on propaganda and brainwashing.
14 de junho de 2017 13:16
Surely useful to university students in management, media or marketing degrees but equally useful as a refresher to those of us already earning a living in these fields and in sales.
10 de junho de 2017 12:31
After reading it I can see why this is an excellent textbook for university students. As a professional I found it to be interesting for me and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who may be attracted to it from its title. Rewarding download.
9 de junho de 2017 07:51
Reading this book I am certain that it is a valuable textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate university students. It is equally useful to many of us already gainfully employed in sales and other special fields requiring face-to-face interaction. Read it!
7 de junho de 2017 11:52
Well done! A textbook I will gladly recommend to associates, students an friends. As a newcomer to Bookboon I am delighted.
4 de junho de 2017 12:23
Informative and refreshing approach to the three subject areas. Surely indispensable for management and media students.
3 de junho de 2017 12:21
An excellent textbook useful not only to students but I would say to young professionals as well.
3 de junho de 2017 11:22
A fascinating textbook which combines three crucial subject ateas in man agent and business administration. Easy to read, informative with the plus of an extensive very relevant bibliography.
3 de junho de 2017 11:07
As a teacher I must be a good communicator and through experience strive to improve ceaselessly. I liked this book as I liked two other books by the same author. Easy to read, understandable, without the usual social/behavioral sciences jargon and free to download.
31 de maio de 2017 12:22
Informative and useful for media and communication students and for young professionals in the PR field. The leadership section should provide plenty of food for thought to management students.
30 de maio de 2017 11:38
The book was recommended to me by a fellow graduate student in my search for my dissertation bibliography. I was impressed and helped greatly. I now recommend it for its three major themes-components and for the impressive bibliography.
22 de abril de 2017 16:19
Fascinating reading for non-social science students. For me, as an engineering grad, very useful in all three parts, communication, pr and management.
20 de abril de 2017 16:06
A useful book for those of us who have to deal with employees of various backgrounds and customers from a variety of cultures. Easy to read, down to earth, informative.
9 de abril de 2017 08:51
Preparing for a career in PR I have had a number of informative and useful textbooks as reading assignments. This book was not on my reference list but I came across it accidentally. It will sound silly or unorthodox but I will say 'wonderful accident'. Thank you Bookboon, thank you professor Piperopoulos.
1 de abril de 2017 07:09
I downloaded it and enjoyed reading it. The book will introduce you to the fascinating subjects of communication (you might learn to read human faces as they 'talk' to you ) and management. The bibliography is impressive.
31 de março de 2017 10:24
Eureka! Lucky finding this book while searching sources for my MSc thesis. Rich bibliography and innovative combination of three smartly interrelated subjects. Download it!
31 de março de 2017 07:26
I found it to be a contemporary text useful to me as a business administration student. Informative, challenging and sometimes provocative.
20 de outubro de 2016 14:57
Thorough coverage of three related business topics. Enjoyable and informative reading.
19 de outubro de 2016 09:46
I wish I had come across this book while I was still a university student but, at any rate, it has plenty to offer to many of us in middle management. I enjoyed especially the sections on propaganda and the 'glass ceiling' phenomenon. Good reading.
15 de outubro de 2016 08:22
A book useful to me as a business administration student. Nice textbook and very rich bibliography
14 de outubro de 2016 19:40
A really impressive handling of 3 interesting subjects easy to grasp by students and non-specialists laymen. A wealth of information available to readers. Reading time well invested!
14 de outubro de 2016 12:02
As a practising engineer I have not had much exposure to the social and behavioural sciences and to business administration/management subjects. Reading this book I confess that I was pleasantly surprised by its style and content. A well done job
12 de outubro de 2016 19:36
Contemporary, informative and useful book. A very interesting and commendable treatment of the old, ubeatable 'glass ceiling' for women managers in 'a man's world'.
12 de outubro de 2016 19:10
Competition is sometimes on a level demanding skills and knowledge which this book provides generously. I would recommend the book to students and young professionals!
11 de outubro de 2016 12:28
A well-written textbook on three modern and related subjects useful for business school students and apprentices in Public Relations and Management.
11 de outubro de 2016 07:38
A book that can be useful, beyond business school students, to engineering and other sciences students. I found it informative and pleasing.
8 de outubro de 2016 10:35
Fundamental but impressive introduction. The author has managed to render complex concepts to easily understandable pros.
3 de agosto de 2016 08:27
Excellent introduction to three contemporary subjects. Easy and understandable prose.
3 de agosto de 2016 08:22
Well structured intro to basic concepts in communication and management. Obviously useful to students in most fields and to young management trainees.
2 de agosto de 2016 19:33
A very interesting merger of 3 conceptual and practical topics and fields. Easy reading. Help and pleasant reading, useful for those less familiar with these concepts.
2 de agosto de 2016 16:28
In a world filled with media and gadgets enabling us to communicate, this book reminds us of the art of successful communication on a personal as well as on a corporate level. A must read not only for social science and business students but for those of us involved in the engineering and physical sciences.
2 de agosto de 2016 14:36
Uptodate and challenging approach to three related topics. Interesting section on the glass ceiling which hinders women to rise to top level posts. Presidential nominee Mrs Hillary Clinton has used the phrase "glass ceiling cracking... "
29 de julho de 2016 15:42
This book gave me an absolute insight into the world of communication. A well articulated and great read indeed. Thanks...
16 de agosto de 2015 21:48
Having read previous author's books, it was not a surprise to recognize author’s concise, realistic and pinpointed way of writing. I found extremely successful the well-balanced academic language expressed in a direct and well comprehensive manner that keeps reader’s interest at a high pacing. Professor Piperopoulos as a communication expert, is known for his ability to formulate ideas into realistic, usable and constructive outputs and hence his paraphrased “I communicate therefore I am” intimates the significance of being able to communicate effectively as equal to “I think therefore I am”. Highly recommended for those who are looking for real life ways to improve or use their communication abilities.
9 de outubro de 2013 20:45
The book was able to meet my expectations as on what I wanted to read. The author was very precise as on how he presented these three various concepts which summed up to a high quality material.
30 de agosto de 2013 15:50
Very nicely written book explaining communication, Public Relations and Leadership. Highly recommended!
21 de agosto de 2013 14:22
It is worth reading it. Excellent!!!!
15 de agosto de 2013 19:02
Excellent work by Dr. Georgios Piperopoulos on the important subjects of communication, Public Relations and Leadership from ancient Greece to modern times. These are the fundamental skills that are needed by today's aspiring young entrepreneurs and tomorrow's leaders if they want to be competitive and successful in our modern, information overloaded societies and global markets.
15 de agosto de 2013 18:35
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