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Expert Talk: Intuitive Decisions with Dr. Mega

Dr. Francesca Mega on Leaders’ Intuition-Based Decisions

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Leaders often have to make split-second decisions. Neuroscience consultant and mindset change & mindfulness coach Dr. Francesca Mega’s suggestion on how to make better ones: Intuition.
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We make an average of 35,000 choices per day. And leaders often have to make split-second decisions on some pretty big things. So how can we start making better decisions?

Neuroscience consultant and mindset change & mindfulness coach Dr. Francesca Mega has a suggestion: Intuition.

Hear Dr. Francesca discuss:

  • Why combining the body and mind is integral to making good decisions
  • How we rationalize intuitive decisions after the fact
  • What to do to tune into your intuition
  • How being a mentor influences how you act everyday
  • How to help your team use intuition-based decision making
Growing up surrounded by inspiring women fighting for gender equality in South America, the US, and Europe, Kat Brendel has seen first-hand the incredible value women bring to any table. As a journalist, interviewing female leaders from around the world to inspire more women to lead was the logical answer to how she could do her part. Because everyone benefits from more female leadership.