Excel 2019 Advanced Options

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74 pages
In this ebook you get acquainted with various advanced and useful options and techniques in Excel 2019 that can be helpful in designing and using your calculation models.
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Sobre o autor

Peter Scharpff is oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit de computer-linguïstische hoek. Zijn wetenschappelijke focus lag op de interactie tussen mens en machine, vooral op de spraak- en taaltechnische kant daarvan. Behalve het ontwikkelen van materiaal voor trainingsdoeleinden op het gebied van kantoorautomat


Excel 2019 has numerous tools to help you designing your models, checking your formulas, finding solutions or creating scenarios, and the like. You’ll also learn to fill cells with (own) lists of labels or data, to add comments to your models, and to create planning schedules. Furthermore, some advanced topics are discussed such as (external) references, security, and the (saving in a certain) format of your workbooks. 

About the author

Scharpff Consultancy is a consulting organization that has been active in the world of automation for decades. Information, training and guidance on the use of personal automation tools are key focuses. One of the specialties is facilitating (and performing) individual training programs for PC-users. The model for this has been conceived in the early 90s from the last century by Scharpff Consultancy in collaboration with various experts. Nowadays, it is used by most training centers and even by mainstream educational institutions. Individual training has proven to be a better method for learning computer skills than the classroom-trainings that are still predominant in the training world.
Scharpff Consultancy has a lot of expertise in developing and publishing materials for individual training purposes. This textbook is a product of that specific know-how. It will allow you to obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills on your computer completely on your own.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. Structure
    2. Notation
    3. Software
  2. Checking formulas
    1. Introduction
    2. Simple numbers
    3. Auditing
    4. Evaluating
    5. Exercise
  3. Filling cells
    1. Introduction
    2. Series
    3. Lists
    4. Exercise
  4. Sheets and windows
    1. Introduction
    2. Worksheets
    3. Windows
  5. References
    1. Introduction
    2. Copying and linking
    3. External link
    4. Hyperlinks
    5. Exercise
  6. Protection
    1. Introduction
    2. Protecting a Workbook
    3. Protecting a Sheet
    1. Introduction
    2. Shapes
  8. Planning
    1. Introduction
    2. Schedule
    3. Conditional Formatting
    4. Exercise
  9. Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Goal Seeking
    3. Solver
  10. Error Checking
    1. Introduction
    2. IntelliSense
    3. Actions
  11. Saving workbooks
    1. Introduction
    2. Location
    3. File type
  • Appendix