Essential job searching tools

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79 pages
Having the right tools when starting to job search is an essential part of the process.
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Paul H Brisk started his career in December 1969 in Leeds, as a junior clerk for the Halifax Building Society in the United Kingdom, this was the biggest Society in the world and remained so until it changed its mutual status to Halifax plc in 1997.

In a career of 31 years he undertook vario...


Having the right tools when starting to job search is an essential part of the process. “Essential job searching tools” will give you a head start and a competitive edge over others. Finding a job today is a significant challenge for all of us, no matter what age we are or which industrial sector we wish our career to follow.

A range of detailed hints and tips, real life examples and self analysis exercises will point you in the right direction, kick start your approach and give you extra confidence along the way.

The book covers the way to establish values, maximise your CV, prepare for interviews, the job offer and what follows next.

Download the book now and realise how essential these job searching tools are.

  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Establishing your personal values
  4. A Professional CV
  5. How to maximise your CV
  6. Interviews
  7. Job offer
  8. Job secured – what follows next?
The technical know-how in this book is very good for job seekers.
6 de novembro de 2014 06:32
Great to have such a book in my drawer
15 de outubro de 2013 16:52
This book is very basic but very practical. Its a simple reminder of what to have to get the job.
1 de setembro de 2013 19:44
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