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Raising Cultural Awareness

Developing Cultural Competence Part 1

páginaprincipal.livro.por Sandy Leong
14m 18s
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This talk explores what culture is and gives descriptions of the basis of cultural difference to enable us to recognise our own behaviour in our journey to understand other cultures.
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This talk is the first in the series Developing Cultural Competence. It explores what is culture and gives easy to understand descriptions of the basis of cultural differences, exploring ideas around cultural views of what is good and bad and what is right and wrong that drive how we think we should behave in different situations. Enabling us to first recognise our own culturally led behaviour in our journey to understand other cultures.

About the Author

Sandy Leong is Director and Head of Training at MyTrainingResources, delivering training on personal development, management development, public speaking and training other trainers, across the UK and abroad. She initially trained as a teacher but left teaching to work in a variety of Training and Development roles, before setting up her own training company over 25 years ago. Sandy is a published author, writing both books and training materials; and a professional speaker lecturing on many of the large cruise lines and also on land. She is Chair of the Board of Trustees for a large charity in the town in which she lives.