C# 2: Programs With a Graphical User Interface

Software Development

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161 pages
This book is an introduction to writing program in C# with a graphic user interface.
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Poul Klausen er uddannet cand. scient. i matematik fra Aarhus Universitet med speciale i algebraisk topologi. Efter universitetet og et efterfølgende pædagogikum har Poul Klausen primært arbejdet som underviser og det især inden for it uddannelser og gennem de sidste mange år som underviser på d


This book is an introduction to writing program in C# with a graphic user interface. The book requires a basic knowledge about programming in C#. The framework is WPF, but far from everything is in-cluded and addressed in a later book and the goal is to introduce the most basic to get started writing GUI quickly. The topic is presented primarily through examples to show how to do it.

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  • Foreword
  1. Introduction
    1. HelloWpf
    2. Enter names
    3. A Grid control
    4. Exercise 1: A calculator
    5. Exercise 2: The ItemsProgram
  2. Fonts and colors
    1. Exercise 3: Change color
  3. Dialog boxes
    1. Enter names
    2. Exercise 4: ADialog enhanced
  4. Components and layout
    1. Exercise 5: Three buttons
    2. Shortcuts
    3. CheckBox and RadioButton
    4. Images
    5. Exercise 6: A simple text editor
    6. Exercise 7: A slider
    7. A progress bar
    8. List and combo boxes
    9. Problem: A sign
    10. A TreeView
    11. ToolBar and StatusBar
    12. More layout controls
    13. Exercise 8: A UniformGrid
    14. Exercise 9: A WrapPanel
    15. Exercise 10: A Canvas
    16. Exercise 11: A ScrollViewer
    17. Exercise 12: A GridSplitter
    18. Problem 3: A small calculator
  5. GUI applications
    1. Problem 3: Loan calculator
    2. Problem 4: Lotto
    3. Problem 5: Solitaire
  6. Resources
    1. Binary resources
    2. Resource libraries
    3. Content files
    4. Other resources
    5. Loading resources manually
    6. Logical resources
    7. A resource dictionary
    8. Using resources from code
  7. Styles
    1. Styles in XML
    2. Styles in C#
  8. Final example: A puzzle
    1. The task
    2. Analysis
    3. A prototype
    4. Iteration 1: Solve a square
    5. Iteration 2: Choose difficulty level
    6. Iteration 3: The high score list
    7. Iteration 4: The last tings
    8. Test