Audiobook: Preparing for Uniqueness

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This book starts from a supposition that the reader wishes to take a journey towards a more creative and entrepreneurial approach in their lives and provides a clear path forward to make this happen.
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Sobre o autor

The author is an international business consultant, writer and motivational speaker specialising in entrepreneurship and SME development. Following careers in teaching and IT he has spent over twenty-five years working with businesses and with business support organi


This book follows on from Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset and is designed to help the reader to implement the process of devising a more entrepreneurial attitude to living their life from this point.

The book assumes that the reader wishes to change their existing lifestyle and starts by using a number of exercises in order that the reader can better understand the patterns in their lives that have worked in the past, the values that one desires in work and leisure and the skills (not qualifications) that one has. From this information the reader is encouraged to develop their ideal life and then to build a path towards achieving this.

The book gives ideas of how to build skills to move towards the ideal life and gives simple examples of people that have behaved entrepreneurially in order to move towards their ideal life.