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Virtual Team Effectiveness

Taal:  English
With the author’s first-hand knowledge of virtual teams, this book offers recommendations on best practices for virtual (remote) work and how organizations can support their successful virtual teams.
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With the predominance of virtual work environments found in our current business settings, there is a greater need to understand what influences effectiveness in virtual teams. With COVID-19 and the mandate to work from home, some organizations have had to quickly find ways to support virtual team structures. This book discusses what influences virtual team effectiveness and offers recommendations on work-life balance, onboarding new team members, and what organizations can do to support the success of their virtual team members and this type of work structure.

About the Author

Myra Josue Salapare is a healthcare professional with over 24 year of experience in both the clinical and business settings. She has her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Northeastern University, her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Health Administration from Suffolk University, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management from Capella University. Myra has worked in Healthcare IT for over 20 years managing technical and project managements teams, with over 13 years of those as a virtual team member. Her healthcare background includes customer success, sales enablement, client development, account management, implementations, process development, product design, product development, and consulting with key roles in senior management positions as a virtual (remote) employee. Her interest in virtual team effectiveness came about when she was deciding on her doctoral dissertation research at Capella. At that point, she was already a virtual team member and attending classes virtually at Capella so that piqued her interest to do more research on the subject. Her doctoral dissertation was on virtual team management titled A Case Study: Perceptions of Virtual Team Effectiveness. On a personal level, Myra is a mother of 13-year-old identical twin girls. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

  • Introduction
  1. Defining virtual teams
    1. What are virtual teams?
    2. Introduction of the problem
  2. Virtual team effectiveness study
    1. Results
  3. Organizational processes
    1. Organizational culture change
    2. In-person interactions
  4. Benefits and disadvantages of virtual teams
    1. Virtual team advantages
    2. Virtual team disadvantages
  5. Leadership roles and management controls
    1. Leadership roles
    2. Management controls
  6. Onboarding virtual team members
    1. Onboarding (virtual/remote employees)
    2. Current world onboarding (remote and in-office employees)
  7. Work-life balance suggestions
    1. Create a dedicated workspace
    2. Create a morning routine and stick to it
    3. Set a schedule and stick with it
  8. Organizational recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References
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Myra Josue Salapare