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The Perfect Personal Statement

How to Stand out in Less than 150 Words

Taal:  English
This book will guide you as you develop your personal statement for your CV and learn to catch a recruiter’s attention in 150 words or less.
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When you only have about 150 words to sell yourself, every word counts especially when having to navigate the automated algorithm-led online job application process. With this book you’ll learn to choose the right words to get past the automated systems and catch a recruiter’s attention in 10 seconds. Your personal statement is your calling card when looking for a job, and you only have one chance to get it right, so make sure you use the right words and the correct verb tenses and avoid including overused words.

About the Author

Monica Flores is a Spanish-born and internationally raised native speaker of both English and Spanish, with a strong international background, both personal and professional. She has more than 25 years of business and consulting experience in different areas and sectors, both domestic and multinational, and she now uses this accumulated experience and know-how, along with her ESL certifications, to help professionals communicate and do business in English.She is also an English/Spanish translator with ample experience in business translation and specialized in the metals and telecommunications industries.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Job hunting and career change
    1. Things you need to know about looking for a job today
    2. Things that will make your profile (CV) get discarded
  2. Personal SWOT analysis
    1. What’s a SWOT analysis?
    2. How to complete each section
    3. Examples
  3. What your personal statement should include
    1. How to personalize
    2. Identify relevant skills and talents
    3. A conclusion to remember (CTA)
    4. Examples
  4. Writing a killer statement
    1. The tone
    2. Structure
    3. Words to avoid
    4. Examples
  5. Grammar
    1. Verb tenses for narration
    2. Grammar rules you don’t have to use
    3. Action words
    4. Dos and don’ts when writing personal statements
  • Bibliography
  • Endnotes
Over de auteur

Monica Flores Marquez