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The Means to the End

An Insight into Market Research Methodologies

Taal:  English
When to adopt Quantitative Research techniques instead of Qualitative? And within each of these, which method is best to employ and why?
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This e-book provides in-depth insights into both Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research methodologies and provides the benefits to be derived from implementing each of the methods outlined. The disadvantages of these methodologies are also outlined with an overall reflection on their merits. These insights also provide working examples and interpretations of results to enable the analyst to make recommendations to senior management about an appropriate course of action. Market Research terminology is simplified with a jargon busting chapter.

About the Author

David C. S. Murray MBA, B.A. (Hons), Dip M, M CInstM, Chartered Marketer, Dip MRS is the Director of his own consultancy, and has the ultimate responsibility for carrying out all research projects from initial brief to final presentation. David has gained over 40 years experience in research roles within Telewest Communications, Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, and Littlewoods, and has great knowledge of Market and Social Research covering all aspects of consumer, business-to-business and behavioural research.

  • Listing of figures
  1. Profile and Background
  2. Desk Research
  3. Qualitative methods
  4. Quantitative Research – Self-completion questionnaires
  5. Quantitative Research – Face-to-face engagement
  6. Quantitative Research – Telephone engagement
  7. Quantitative Research – Online engagement
  8. Reflection
  9. Jargon busting
  • Bibliography
  • Endnotes
Over de auteur

David Murray