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Stress 101 – the Good, the Bad and Ugly

27m 36s
Taal:  English
In this episode you’ll learn about the good, the bad and ugly side of stress and three new stress responses you didn’t know about.
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Stress. It’s unavoidable. The only way to be stress-free is to be dead. If you don’t fancy that, then listen to this episode. You’ll learn why stress gets a bad rep, when it does become bad for you and the single biggest factor that can make a difference between which type of stress you experience. You’ll also learn the four ways stress affects you and how to spot the signs as well as three ways to do something about it.

About the Author

Anthony runs ThreeFifty9, a mental skills consultancy that specialises in equipping people and teams with the mental skills needed to thrive in today’s world. We focus on developing personal and leadership performance through mental toughness and changing the story around mental health. He is the author of Tips from the Top – the secrets of how to successfully navigate middle management

Over de auteur

Anthony Taylor