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SharePoint 2016 for Everyday Users

Taal:  English
This everyday users’ guide is written for users that have used previous versions of SharePoint and for those who haven’t used it at all.
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This everyday users’ guide is written for users that have used previous versions of SharePoint and for those who haven’t used it at all. The reader as they wish can read the book’s sections in the order it was written to build their skill level gradually or move from one section to another for instructions to perform simple to advanced tasks.

About the author

Meatau Larry Saytee has over a decade of experience in the SharePoint space both in the on-premise and cloud platforms. He has written several articles on the SharePoint subject matter for various audiences. He strongly believes what seems to be complicated as far as the usability of such a powerful foremost mentioned platform can be easily explained through simple, concise instructions and illustrations.

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  • Prerequisites
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  1. SharePoint 2016 Introduction
    1. History of SharePoint Versions
    2. Get Started with SharePoint 2016
    3. Collaborate and Share within Teams
    4. Control Access to SharePoint Sites
    5. Integrate SharePoint with Office
    6. SharePoint Products Comparison
  2. SharePoint Site Navigation
    1. Navigate SharePoint Sites Home Page
    2. Understand Structure of a Site
    3. Customise Navigation of a Site
    4. Work with the Contextual Ribbon
    5. Navigate Lists and Libraries of a Site
    6. Understand Web Parts and App Parts
    7. Work with the Site Collection Recycle Bin
  3. Work with Lists and Libraries contents
    1. Uncover Lists and Libraries in a Site
    2. Create and Populate Lists Items
    3. Create and Populate Libraries Items
    4. Check Out Files and work with Versions
    5. Organise Lists and Libraries
    6. Delete and Restore List and Library Items
    7. Content Change Notifications
    8. Work Offline
  4. Work with Lists and Libraries
    1. Work with Lists and Libraries Settings
    2. Manage List and Libraries Users and Permissions
    3. Share Lists and Libraries contents
    4. Configure Versioning for Lists and Libraries
    5. Work with Advanced List settings
    6. Work with Content Types and Create Views
    7. Set up Validation and Ratings
    8. Delete and Restore Lists and Libraries
  5. Search Information and People
    1. Search SharePoint Sites
    2. Target Search Queries
    3. Create and Manage Search Terms
    4. Influence Relevance Rankings
    5. Configure Search behaviour
    6. Customise Search Results Pages
    7. Define Visibility and Indexing for Sites
    8. Search for People
  6. Work with MySite and OneDrive
    1. Understanding your MySite
    2. Converse and Monitor using the Newsfeed Page
    3. Work with OneDrive for Business Library
  7. Work with Webpages
    1. Understand SharePoint Pages
    2. Create Pages
    3. Add Content to Pages
    4. Manage Pages
    5. Use Apps Parts and Web Parts
  8. Create and Manage Sites
    1. Create Sites
    2. Manage Site Users and Permissions
    3. Share Sites
    4. Change Site Themes
    5. Create and use custom Site Templates
    6. Manage Site Features
    7. Manage Site Content syndication
    8. Delete Sites
  9. Work with Wikis, Blogs and Community Sites
    1. Create Wiki Libraries
    2. Create and use Enterprise Wiki Sites
    3. Create and Manage Blog Sites
    4. Create, Manage and Delete Blog Posts
    5. Create and Manage Community Sites
    6. Work with Community Sites
  10. Manage Project Tasks
    1. Create and Manage Project Sites
    2. Work with Tasks, Subtasks and the Timeline
    3. Manage Projects using SharePoint and Project Professional
  11. New and Improved Features
    1. Document Library accessibility
    2. Document Library sharing improvements
    3. Filenames - expanded support
    4. Image and video previews
    5. New mobile experience
    6. OneDrive Improvements
    7. Site improvements
  12. Appendix
    1. User Permission Categories
    2. SharePoint Layouts Pages
    3. Office Online Programs
    4. Hybrid OneDrive and Hybrid Sites
    5. Hybrid Site Setup and OneDrive for Business
    6. OneDrive for Business Limitations
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Meatau Larry Saytee