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Overcoming Social Anxiety

The Anxiety Toolbox: A CBT Approach

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17m 10s
Taal:  English
Experienced therapist, Jenny Gould reveals the most effective techniques to help you to overcome the often crippling issue of social anxiety, and to find the confidence to flourish in any situation.
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Social anxiety is more common than you think, so you’re definitely not alone! Many situations can trigger fears about embarrassing yourself, saying or doing the wrong thing, appearing awkward, not being good enough, blushing, sweating and so on. If this sounds familiar, then this talk is designed especially for you. Through a combination of CBT and other psychological tools, you will learn how to feel comfortable and flourish, no matter who you’re talking to, and in whatever situation. Jenny has helped many clients to overcome social anxiety and through this talk wants to help you too.

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Jenny Gould