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Mental Health at Work

Redefining a New Era of Mental Wellbeing

Taal:  English
This book focuses on the workforce’s mental wellbeing in a post-pandemic scenario and the shift required by the organisations in creating mental wellbeing as a way of work.
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As a Covid-19 survivor, I have experienced the stress of the pandemic firsthand. I had to work with coping mechanisms to navigate my way out of the negative loop post recovery.

My prime focus in this book is to take a closer look at how organisations and leaders can provide for wholistic growth post pandemic by focusing on the mental wellbeing of their employees.

It covers two critical aspects viz. creation of supportive and psychologically safe workplace and building resilience through new skills and behavioral shifts for managers.

About the Author

Mona is a seasoned leader with over two decades of industry experience in Media, Luxury lifestyle , Gourmet retail and e-commerce . Her focus has been in building human capital and creating values through inclusive leadership transformation.

Mona is a highly respected speaker, leadership & a career transition coach. She mentors young aspirants entering workforce as they build unique vision to succeed in workplace.. She is a much sought-after advisor by various organisations for her people-management skills during stages of their growth & transformation. She also advises on the capacity and capability building of gig workforce..

A gold medalist in sociology, she has won numerous awards including the Femina Women Leadership Award in Year 2018, and the Times Ascent World HRD Congress HR Super Achiever Award in 2018.

Mona is a yoga enthusiast. loves baking & painting.

  • About the author
  • Author’s note - Pandemic and its Impact on Mental Health at Work
  1. Change in Mental Health of the Workforce
    1. Pre-Covid Era – Mental Health in Offices
    2. Defining Mental Health
    3. The Importance of Positive Mental Health in the Workplace
    4. How has Covid -19 Pandemic affected our Mental Wellbeing?
    5. Burnout Crisis
    6. Reasons for Workplace Burnout
    7. The Cost of Ignoring Mental Health in the Workplace
    8. Dealing with the Return-to-Office
    9. Summary
    10. Exercise
  2. Transitioning Back to Work in Post-Covid Era
    1. Amplification of Inequities Post-Covid
    2. Redefining the Changing Workplace
    3. Value System will Define the Future WorkForce
    4. Reframing an Inclusive and a Healthy Workplace Culture
    5. Re-architecting Organisational Leadership
    6. The Unfolding
    7. Summary
    8. Exercise
  3. Ushering in an Era of Workplace Allyship – Manager / Leader as a Trusted Ally
    1. The Manager as an Ally in a Reformed Workplace
    2. The Evolved Role of Managers
  4. Mental Health and Inclusion: Creating a Supportive Workplace
    1. Creating a Workplace Inclusive of Mental Health
    2. The “New Normal” Era of Mental Health
  5. Proofing the Future Workplace for Mental Wellbeing
    1. Post Pandemic Era – Leading towards Humanisation at Work
    2. Rethinking the Employee Mental Health Experience
    3. Wholistic Wellbeing is the way forward
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Learn how mental health affects employees and the workplace. Recognize the importance of supporting mental health in an inclusive work culture. Discover strategies for integrating mental health awareness into workplace practices.

Over de auteur

Mona Bharadwaj