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Making Friends with Your Anxiety

Is it Time for You to See Your Anxiety Differently?

Taal:  English
Enabling readers to see their anxiety differently by making friends with this part of themselves, to discover anxiety’s hidden messages, understand its purpose and potential for transformation.
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Understandably, many try to cure, overcome or ‘get rid of’ their anxiety so that they can live more peacefully without its intrusion or destruction to their everyday lives. This book invites readers to experiment with an alternative – and somewhat paradoxical – approach of welcoming anxiety when it arrives; getting to know it well, as one might welcome – and become deeply connected to – a helpful friend. Rather than rejecting this valid human experience we all share to a greater or lesser degree, this book takes a holistic and integrative approach to both anxiety itself and wellbeing overall.

About the Author

Sarah Thayer is a Transfromational Coach, Writer and Counsellor based in Bath, UK who has been working in the field of personal development and change with both young people and adults for more than 20 years. Sarah helps clients to see challenges as a valuable part of their life story. New opportunities arise from insights, which allows compassion for the past and reveals a natural unlocking of the future and support for a desired way forward. Fully engaging with difficult feelings, unwanted habits and emotional discomfort can also bring unexpected gifts that we didn’t realise were present.

  • About the Author
  1. Change your Life by Making Friends with Anxiety: The Premise
    1. Seeing differently – anxiety as messenger
    2. Understanding and accepting your presenting past – an overview
    3. What motivates you – escaping the bad or moving towards the good?
    4. Your core beliefs about change – is anything possible?
    5. Chapter summary
  2. Your Relationship with Anxiety Now
    1. The absence of relationship
    2. Introduce yourself to anxiety
    3. Accept, reject or allow?
    4. Chapter summary
  3. Preparing to Meet and Greet Your New Friend
    1. Anxiety’s been doing its job
    2. Anxiety needs you
    3. Chapter summary
  4. Making Friends
    1. Your current modus operandi
    2. In an ideal world
    3. Taking those first steps
    4. Questions, questions, questions…
    5. Ask anxiety
    6. It’s time to express your needs
    7. Receptive to realisations
    8. Chapter summary
  5. The Ongoing Relationship
    1. Investment and maintenance
    2. Conclusion
    3. Chapter summary
Over de auteur

Sarah Thayer