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Remote Management

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Remote working is here to stay. Learn the best practices to managing your team and meet the demands of your customers. But first we must answer the question: what makes the best managers?
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Remote working is here to stay, as organisations expand globally, as we need people to work more flexibly around the customer's needs, and as workplace cultures and expectations change. When a manager and their team are in the same office, the manager benefits from convenience - they can see who is there, listen to the conversations, answer questions, give guidance and serve as a reference point for the team. To master remote management, we must first understand what makes the best managers, and then apply that to overcome the challenges of managing a distributed, remote team. All of the same principles apply, and there are some new risks to overcome, and some new opportunities for the organisation to embrace.

About the Author

 Peter Freeth is a leading business coach, trainer, presenter, author and consultant who has a rare mix of communication, technical and business skills and an interest in learning and developing new tools and techniques that help others get the results they want, more easily and more often.

Peter has been developing innovative NLP applications for over 20 years and has delivered programs for a number of leading UK training organisations as well as bespoke corporate programs in the UK and world wide.

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Peter Freeth