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Keep Moving: How Kids Thrive as You Work at Home

8m 26s
Taal:  English
As a toy designer and expert in play, my conviction of ‘learning through play’ has been tested and supported during these times. Here is how a more relaxed attitude benefits both adults and children.
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As a toy designer and expert in play, you would have thought the prospect of homeschooling would have been easy. Juggling the responsibilities of being teacher, and mother working from home, provided harder than I had realised. In this talk I will share my insights into how my deeply held conviction of ‘learning through play’ has been both tested and supported. How social pressures influenced my expectations of homeschooling and how the reality wasn’t quite as weary as I had first thought. I will talk about how a more relaxed attitude can benefit you and the children and how learning is so much more than the core educational topics taught in schools. 

About the Author

Valeria Miglioli is an award-winning designer specialising in children’s toys and gifts.Her passion for design spans over 20 years since she first discovered this exciting world when studying in Italy.Over the years, she has been responsible for process planning and management of all aspects of Product Development with pre-determined timelines and knowledge of all safety aspects. From concept to production, 2D and 3D illustrations and printing artworks as well as sourcing and liaising with manufacturers for product sampling, developments, quality control, and mass production.As a mother of two young children, she has a special insight into what children enjoy playing with and understanding of the way they engage in play and interact with each other and with adults.

Over de auteur

Valeria Miglioli