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How to Stay Focused and Productive in Busy Times

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Jay explains how important taking breaks away from your work is. He also covers the benefits of taking small breaks away from work and how they can benefit you in several ways.
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Taking complete breaks from work can change the game

  • When you’re working hard and are so busy that you don’t even consider taking time off, taking a break can be a massive game changer.

  • I remember talking to my mentor when I was absolutely flat out and he told me I need to take a break, I felt like I couldn’t because I was so busy. But I later realised that not taking a break would lead me to crash and burn.

  • You need to take breaks to notice the little things that can make a huge difference to your pathway.

  • Take a day or two to relax and take a break to reflect on what you’ve done and achieved even if your mind is telling you you can’t.

  • Mini breaks will help give you clarity of thought which is partially why you see all of these successful people playing golf, not only for networking but to relax and have a break from their work.

  • If you’re going through a tough time or a massive challenge, take some time away from your work. This doesn’t need to be a holiday or a big getaway, it could just mean an evening away from work enjoying some ‘you time’.

  • Allow your body to be recharged, we may think we’re machines that can keep going. However, we’re more like batteries and we need to be recharged, breaks will enable this.

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Jay Dhillon