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How to Create A To Do List

That Gets The Right Things Done

15m 29s
Taal:  English
Use this simple but powerful to do list to not only be busy but productive as well.
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If you have multiple projects to work on with each project having numerous tasks associated, how do you keep them all straight and get the right things done? Use this simple but powerful system to not only be busy but be productive, always focusing on the most important tasks at the time and getting the highest priority items done first. By the end of this recording, you will be ready to implement this system immediately.

About the Author

Michael Whitehouse is an author, motivational speaker, personal business coach, and event organizer. He is the author of The Guy Who Knows A Guy, a fun and approachable book about networking. He motivates on his daily podcast, and he coaches people to figure out next steps and unravel sticky problems.

Over de auteur

Michael Whitehouse