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How to Build Outstanding Corporate Strategy

& Improve Leadership, Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Taal:  English
Secrets, insights, and methods for developing genuinely superior business strategy. Suitable for experienced, professional business strategists and planners.
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This book reveals unique intellectual property shared for the first time, alongside potent models and methods known to only a handful of the world's best business strategists. With clear explanations of complex models, contextually balanced for optimal use, and pools of wisdom from Leigh and other experts in marketing, strategy, planning, and business management. These lessons will empower dedicated and professional strategists with insights that will equip them to write best possible business strategy. This book is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to rise to excellence in strategic business planning.

About the Author

Author, speaker, facilitator, strategist, adviser and mentor, Leigh shares over 40 years in commercial marketing, as a CMO, Marketing Director & Board member of multiple organisations along with knowledge honed from 13 years of tertiary study in Marketing at UNSW, a postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Planning (London City University), and years lecturing at UNSW and the UTS Graduate School of Business MBA program.His strategic plans have secured world-record sales, launch and brand management achievements in FMCG, B2C and government product launches, in categories as diverse as transport, pet food, pharmaceutical, mining & banking.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. To set winning strategy you must have core guidelines
    1. Creating rock-solid foundations for optimum strategy
    2. Strategic planning that works in practice
    3. How do you create “killer” culture?
    4. Building a great corporate culture with resilient employee engagement
    5. Balancing short term and long term.
    6. Corporate governance & the mevpiv
    7. Setting core strategic guidelines - review questions
  2. How to create & implement winning strategy
    1. How to Build Strategy into Outcomes
    2. Important tools in conducting a situation analysis
    3. Turning knowledge and intent into strategy and action
    4. How to build a strategic plan (road map)
    5. How to ensure employee engagement
    6. How to measure the strength of your strategy
    7. Making business strategy “happen”
    8. The practicalities of staying on course
    9. Chapter 2: how to create and implement winning strategy - review questions
  3. Rules and models that help choice of strategy
    1. Why organisations exist
    2. Understanding the core drivers
    3. Setting strategy, corporate governance and the mevpiv
    4. Key concepts for corporate governance
    5. Market segmentation
    6. How to identify your market segments
    7. Market research
    8. Review questions for chapter 3: essential business strategy foundations:
  4. Dominating your industry
    1. Lifecycle analysis
    2. Lifecycle analysis can be confusing
    3. Ignoring life cycle change means detrimental strategy
    4. Review questions for chapter 4: dominating your industry
  5. Matching product to the market
    1. Product decisions
    2. Product portfolio analysis using the strategic product portfolio analysis model
    3. Strategic management of product innovation
    4. Innovations attract innovators
    5. Classification of goods
    6. Review questions for chapter 5: matching the product to the market
  6. How to build people oriented & customer experience centric management strategy
    1. Leadership, decision making, and developing outstanding corporate strategy
    2. Rules for achieving growth using strategic product development
    3. Review questions for chapter 6
  • Appendix: The marketing concept
  • Endnotes
Over de auteur

Leigh Cowan