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Happiness is an Economic Issue

Happy People Perform Better

Taal:  English
In this book, you will learn how to work on your happiness and how to help others do the same.
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Why is the UN investigating happiness? Why do some countries have a Minister for Happiness? And why is there even a country that judges national legislation based on Gross National Happiness? There must be a good reason for this. Happiness determines whether people are healthy and productive. Not only does it feel good, but it is also of economic importance. What can you do to be happy, or at least not unhappy?

About the Author

Wim Vlekken (1950) worked in PR, marketing communications, and sales before retiring in 2015. In addition to his career at industrial and software companies, he was a teacher of marketing and communication at a school for graphic techniques and communication for 19 years. Writing advertising copy, media articles, and books have been a regular part of his daily work since the 1960s.

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  1. Why Do We Want to be Happy?
    1. Freedom of Expression
  2. Worrying
    1. Cycle
    2. Highly Sensitive
    3. New Stimuli
    4. Not Your Problem
    5. At Work
  3. Let It Go
    1. Time
    2. Tackle It!
  4. Forgiving
    1. Hatred and Anger
    2. Weakness
  5. Solving the Problem
    1. A Problem is a Problem When You Call it a Problem
    2. Bright sunshine
  6. Why Plan?
    1. Do Plan
    2. Don’t Plan
    3. Relieved?
  7. Don’t Try to Change People
    1. Parenting
    2. Behavior
    3. Creativity
  8. Stop Judging
  9. Don’t Postpone Nice Plans
    1. Procrastination
    2. Grip on Your Time
    3. No Planning
  10. Happily Content
    1. Perfection
    2. Contentment
    3. Health
    4. Negative People
    5. At Work
  11. Don’t Feel Guilty
    1. Regret
    2. If It Lingers
    3. If You Don’t Feel Like It
  12. How Do You Deal with Negative People?
    1. Venting
    2. Setting Boundaries
  13. Final Words
  • List of References

Identify ways to distinguish between short-term pleasure and true happiness. Adopt strategies for accepting imperfections and focusing on controllable aspects of life. Embrace self-acceptance and the pursuit of realistic aspirations for achieving satisfaction. Develop methods to handle negative feelings and sustain emotional balance.

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Wim Vlekken