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Happiness at Work

How to Discover It and Maintain It Throughout Your Career

Taal:  English
This book is about finding lasting happiness at work based on latest research. It is distinctly suitable for new starters on the career ladder and those approaching a midlife crossroads in any sector.
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Many of us start out with high hopes at the beginning of our careers and then fall prey to the myths of happiness at work. Working longer and harder can easily lead to burn out. We soon learn that achievement and financial success do not always lead to happiness.

This book will provide readers will show how to:

  • Find purpose and meaning and motivation in work
  • Play to their strengths to increase happiness
  • Navigate natural changes that occur during life’s transition stages
  • Understand why money doesn’t buy lasting happiness
  • Develop flexibility to future proof against the changing nature of careers.
  • About the Author

    Julia Menaul has been running her own executive coaching and supervision practice, Spark Coaching and Training since 2001.She uses her previous experience of being a manager within the public, private and not for profit sectors. She is an Accredited Master Executive Coach and works with all types of employees. Julia has coached hundreds of people in the workplace and works holistically with clients to create better balance so that they can find a greater sense of satisfaction in work that is also adaptable and flexible enough to change as careers evolve over the course of a lifetime.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Happiness At Work
    1. Defining Happiness
    2. What is happiness?
    3. The formula for Happiness
    4. Making the decision to be happy
  2. The Changing Nature Of Work In The Twenty-First Century
    1. What is ‘work’?
    2. Poor and Happy versus Rich and Sad
    3. The future of work: How flexible and adaptable will you need to be?
  3. Work And Happiness: Unhappy Bedfellows?
    1. The unhappy employee
    2. Childhood messages
  4. Choosing To Be Happy At Work: How To Find A Sense Of Purpose And Meaning
    1. What is a sense of purpose and meaning?
    2. Valuing our values about work, life and happiness
    3. Finding work that plays to our strengths
    4. Being ‘in the zone’: Knowing when you are in flow
    5. The power of appreciation for fulfilment
  5. Motivation, Money And Happiness – Busting The Myths
    1. Understanding what motivates
    2. Money and happiness: “But I want a pay rise!”
    3. You can’t buy happiness
  6. Changing Your Career
    1. Life stages
    2. How to stay on track with your career and create the best work-life balance
  • Table of Figures & Tables
  • References
  • Appendix: Tools And Activities
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