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Excel: Power Query for Beginners

A Step by Step Guide

Taal:  English
This manual guides you step by step from importing data from a simple text file to automatically processing all Excel files in one folder. You don't need any programming knowledge.
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Compatible with Excel 2016 / 2019 / 2021 / 365 A structured introduction to the use of the Power Query Excel add-in to extract, transform and load external data to Microsoft Excel.Power Query is already integrated in Excel and is specialized in importing, transforming and cleansing all kinds of data.The toolbox of Power Query is well filled. It offers commands such as Delete, Add, Fill, Sort, Filter, Group, Transpose, Pivot and Delete. After transforming and load data Excel, Pivot and PowerPivot are used to analyse the provided data.

About the Author

I had my first contact with a computer in 1980 and I was immediately fascinated. This enthusiasm has never left me. In 1988 I wrote my first book on Framework II. Today, I have published over 140 books on many Microsoft Office topics in over 30 years. I have been teaching IT training on Office applications since 1989. In all these years I have taught thousands of users how to use computers. I know exactly where the shoe pinches and can communicate it verbally and in writing. I have been certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

  • Preface
  1. Introducing Power Query
    1. Where can I get Power Query?
    2. What does Power Query do?
  2. Creating your first query
    1. Importing Data to Power Query
    2. Editing the Data
    3. Variations of the data transfer
  3. Important Information about working with queries
    1. The command bar at the bottom of the Peek window
    2. Deleting the worksheet containing the table
    3. Basic information about Connections
    4. Dynamic Tables
  4. Editing cell content
    1. Bringing Excel data to Power Query
    2. Splitting text
    3. Replacing values
    4. Splitting content
    5. Deleting columns
    6. Sorting
    7. Copying and modifying a query
  5. Import Several Files in one Step
    1. The data that will be imported
    2. Choosing the files to import
    3. Bring all tables together
  6. Extracting data from an Excel spreadsheet
    1. The complex spreadsheet
    2. Extracting part of the Data
    3. Cleaning up the data
    4. Create calculations in new columns
    5. Transferring the Data to Excel
    6. Analyzing the Data with PivotTables
  7. Merging multiple Spreadsheets
    1. The Workbook and its four worksheets
    2. Appending several queries to each other
    3. Working with the consolidated table
    4. Inserting another Table
    5. Storing queries in folders
  • Index
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Saskia Gießen