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Excel 2019 Model Design

Taal:  English
In this ebook, you'll encounter various aspects of (advanced) models and designing techniques to create professional and easily reusable spreadsheets with Excel.
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In a spreadsheet program it is all about designing and building an appropriate model: what is the purpose of it, what should it calculate, what do we want to find out, analyse of even predict, and so on? In this ebook we discuss various (advanced) model designs in Excel such as outlines, consolidations, data tables, pivot tables, and forecasts. Also, we cover some topics on searching and filtering in models, and elaborate formatting and printing in more detail.

About the author

Peter Scharpff originates from the scientific computer-linguistic field focussing on the interaction between man and machine, especially on speech and language engineering. After that he started to develop training material for office automation. In the last few decades he has also created many publications on more general topics such as digital security, privacy, hardware, programming, web design, teleworking, social networks, and the like.

  • About the author
  1. Introduction
    1. Structure
    2. Notation
    3. Software
  2. Model design
    1. Introduction
    2. Purpose
    3. Directions
    4. 3-D
    5. Getting Started
  3. Outline
    1. Introduction
    2. Large model
    3. AutoOutline
    4. Go To Special
    5. Grouping
  4. Consolidation
    1. Introduction
    2. Merging
    3. Source data
    4. Exercise
  5. Data tables
    1. Introduction
    2. Database
    3. Actions
    4. Data form
    5. Case study
  6. Looking up data
    1. Introduction
    2. Vertical lookup
    3. Nothing found
    4. Horizontal Lookup
  7. Forecasting
    1. Introduction
    2. Tables with variables
    3. Risks
    4. Exercise
  8. Printing
    1. Introduction
    2. Options
    3. Headers and footers
    4. Page overview
    5. Printing
  9. PivotTables
    1. Introduction
    2. Data table
    3. Calculating
    4. PivotChart
    5. Exercise
  • Appendix
Over de auteur

Dr. Peter J. Scharpff RI