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Empathy in Business

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We are expected to maintain good relationships at work and privately. Enjoy life and be happy! This sometimes leads to conflicts, and it helps to approach them with empathy.
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Empathy is the ability to empathize with the situation of others, their thinking, their judgment, their emotions. You are able to feel prejudice the same as anyone else. It is essential that you observe, listen and ask questions without prejudice. It does not matter whether this takes place in a dialogue or in a large-scale investigation. What you hear and see, what you see in the statistics should enable you to know what other people experience and what emotions they feel about it.Empathy in business will eventually lead to higher customer loyalty and brand loyalty. It contributes to the success of you as a manager or a salesperson and to the organization you represent.

About the Author

Wim Vlekken (1950) was working in marketing communications and sales before he retired in 2015. In addition to his career at industrial and software companies, he was a teacher of marketing and communication at a school for graphic techniques and communication during19 years. Writing advertising copy, media articles and books has been a regular part of his daily work since the 1960s.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Definition
    1. What does empathy mean?
    2. Is there a difference between men and women?
    3. Communication versus interaction
    4. Emotions
  2. Empathy in organizations
    1. Empathy and leadership
    2. Bureaucracy
    3. Innovation
  3. Can you learn empathetic leadership?
    1. How do you find out that if you don’t have enough empathy?
    2. How can you become more empathetic?
  4. Empathy and sales
    1. More than mirroring
    2. Dominant Sellers
    3. Win-Win
  5. Applying and empathy
    1. Job requirements
    2. Teaching yourself
  6. Finally
  7. Resources
Over de auteur

Wim Vlekken