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Electrical Power

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Taal:  English
TO ACCESS this title, please download the PDF. The book defines the units of electrical quantities from first principles.
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Updated Jan 2013

The book defines the units of electrical quantities from first principles. Methods are demonstrated for calculating voltage, current, power, impedances and magnetic forces in dc and ac circuits and in machines and other electrical plant. The vector representation of ac quantities is explained. Typical arrangements of electrical power networks are described. Methods for calculating fault currents and for the automatic isolation of faulty equipment are described.

About the author

W. J. R. H. Pooler

ONC, MA (Cantab) class 1, CENG, MIEE, MIMechE

I studied for and obtained Ordinary National Certificate while working as an apprentice at the English Electric Co, Stafford. This included time in their high voltage laboratory. I then went to Cambridge University and passed the Mechanical Sciences Tripos after two years with First Class Honours. For the third year, I carried out further studies on heavy electrical power machines. After graduating, I joined the Iraq Petroleum Company in Kirkuk, Iraq and was later appointed Protection Engineer and System Control Engineer responsible for the operation of the high voltage network and for the hands on commissioning of all new electrical plant including 66kv and 11kv cables and lines and transformers up to 5MVA and motors up to 2000 hp.

I was then appointed Head of Electrical Engineering at Basrah Petroleum Co responsible for four power stations, 33kv and 11kv transformers, cables and lines and motors up to 1500 hp. The operation of all Instrumentation in the Production Plants and all Telecommunications in the Company was later added to my responsibilities.

This book is based on experiences gained during this period.

  1. Summary
  2. Electromagnetism 
  3. Induced EMF 
  4. Electrostatics 
  5. DC Circuits 
  6. Alternating Current (AC) 
  7. Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance on AC
  8. AC Circuits
  9. Magnetic Properties of Materials
  10. DC Motors and Generators
  11. AC Synchronous Machines 
  12. AC Induction Motors 
  13. Insulation 
  14. Transformers 
  15. Rectifiers 
  16. Power Lines 
  17. Neutral Earthing 
  18. Switchgear
  19. Instruments 
  20. Protection 
  21. Power Systems 
  22. Generator Response to System Faults 
  23. Calculation of Fault Currents 
  24. Symmetrical Components 
  25. Commissioning and Fault Finding 
  26. Program Manual 
  27. Index

The Program Manual is its own file in pdf.

All the other files are part of the program and must be in the same folder on a hard drive or floppy for the program to run.

Click on Fault Calculations Rev 1.exe for the program to run.

Click here to download the package.

Very good for electrical engineering, not just power engineering. All you need to understand in the power sector is there. Very informative.
Simple and concise.
Over de auteur

W. J. R. H. Pooler