Digital Training @Work

Engaging and Educating Employees Online

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53 pages
This book focuses on improving organizational interactions and employee learning through communication strategies associated with effective digital training and development experiences.
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Over de auteur

Dr. Renee Robinson is an Associate Professor of Communication at Saint Xavier University in Chicago. Her communication areas of expertise include organizational communication and instructional communication. Dr. Robinson has published and presented numerous papers on classroom assessment, communicati...


  • Preface
  1. Training and Development: Employee Engagement and Interaction in a Digital Age
    1. Information and Communication Technologies 
    2. Organizational Communication and Training and Development Programs 
    3. Organizational Learning and Organizational Knowledge 
    4. Organizational Factors Impacting Digital Learning Success 
    5. Summary 
  2. Getting Started: The Fundamentals of Planning a Training & Development Program   
    1. Organizational Goals, Need Considerations, and the Role of Assessment 
    2. Audience Identification 
    3. Training Types 
    4. Technological Considerations 
    5. Organizational Communication and Digital Training 
    6. Summary
  3. Designing and Assessing Digital Training & Development Programs
    1. Andragogy
    2. Learning Styles   
    3. The ADDIE Model
    4. Summary
  4. Content Application: Designing a Digital Training & Development Module 
    1. Communication Model and Element Application
    2. ADDIE Applied
    3. Adragogy Applied 
    4. Kolb’s ELM/Learning Styles Applied
    5. Instructional Communication Tips
    6. Summary 
  5. References
  • Appendix A Andragogical Characteristics Questionnaire
  • Appendix B ADDIE Model Questionnaire
  • Appendix C Activity Analysis Table 

This book focuses on improving organizational interactions and employee learning through communication strategies and educational theories associated with effective digital training and development experiences aligning with organization goals. It is intended for human resources personnel and leaders in varying organizations who seek to design meaningful digital learning opportunities for employees, whether they be developed internally or purchased externally. The book highlights digital training and development programs and the variables that impact employee engagement and learning.

About the author

Renee Robinson, PhD, is a professor of Communication with areas of emphasis in organizational and instructional communication. She is an employee trainer/developer and has designed numerous digital learning environments.