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CSR: Management as Part of a Social System

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By thinking of CSR and business as part of these systems, we are better able to understand how the "Social" in CSR is important in social, political, and economic contexts.
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Business is part of other systems, including the social, political, and economic systems. CSR is also part of these systems in its own right. By thinking of CSR and business as part of these systems, we are better able to understand how the "Social" in CSR is important in social, political, and economic contexts. This helps us build a picture of CSR that is much closer to the Real World than the limited views normally taken. Only with such a comprehensive understanding of CSR can we possibly see how large-scale business can ever be truly socially responsible.

About the author

Peter Challis is the director of his own company, Time 4 Social Change. After a career in accountancy, he moved into strategic systems management first as a senior civil servant and then into local government. His mastersí degree in strategic management included a research paper on shared services in the public sector and he worked as an adviser to the Cabinet Office on the subject. After taking voluntary redundancy, he worked as a volunteer on one of the governmentís Big Society vanguard projects. He then helped several charities respond to austerity and Big Society and was a director of some of them. By becoming a reader in Northampton University library and then in Bodleian library at Oxford University, Peter taught himself the sociology of business. From his experience as a strategic manager, his knowledge of sociology and its application to management, Peter began writing for Bookboon. In his spare time, Peter writes science fiction novels and helps look after his disabled daughter.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. A Systems Approach to CSR
    1. Introduction
    2. A systems view of society
    3. Responsible management as a system
  2. The management environment
    1. Integrity in the “Social”
    2. Integrity and “Fake” Integrity
    3. Critical thinking
    4. Internal and external environments affecting business ethics
  3. CSR in a social system
    1. Language: The key to communication and relationships
    2. Wicked problems and “Social”
    3. “Wicked” problems, Agile Methodology and “Social”
    4. Systems mapping
    5. Assumptions, systems and “Social”
    6. Social enterprise and responsible business
    7. The systemic anti-social flaw in capitalism
  4. How to build a CSR system into a strategic management system
    1. Introduction
    2. The Castka et al model of a CSR management system
    3. The role of the accountancy and audit systems in CSR
    4. Social Capital: More than money
  5. Management and CSR
    1. Stakeholder management and CSR
    2. Partnership, neo-liberalism and populism
    3. Expectations and impacts: stakeholder theory and project practice
    4. Business Models and CSR
    5. “Social”: The importance of social reporting
    6. Partnership
  6. Putting “Social” into Business
    1. A corporation as a social entity
    2. Money and the “Social” in CSR
    3. People and the “Social” in CSR
    4. The “Social” in CSR: Where information is complete and true
    5. The “Social” in CSR: Business in Society
    6. Communitarianism as a political dimension for CSR
    7. Social Change and CSR
    8. Conclusion
  • References and Further Reading

About the Author

Peter Challis

Peter Challis is a former strategic manager in the civil service and a local authority. He is a qualified accountant and has an MA in Strategic Management from the University of Chichester gained alongside his role in promoting local authority shared services. On leaving salaried employment, Peter worked on the Coalition’s plans for Big Society including a government vanguard project. This led to a personal research project and the formation of his own social enterprise, Time 4 Social Change, to promote citizen and consumer awareness of government Big Society plans and actions. Much of this book is based on that research.

Laura Challis is Peter’s eldest daughter. As an “A” level student, Laura overcame learning difficulties to win an award for the best improved student in her year. She first went to the University of Salford to study to become a social worker. Despite a successful first year, increasing disability ended her prospects for such employment. Some years later, after much experience as a client of the NHS and DWP, Laura returned to university and graduated with a BA in Social and Community Development from the University of Northampton. Her dissertation was on Big Society. The sociological research for this book was through the university’s research facilities.