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An Introduction to the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital revolution that in the time to come will have a major impact on our lives. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to the IoT.
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In the time to come, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have an increasing impact on our lives. The IoT is used in smart homes, smart cities, and touches every industry. Many have predicted that the IoT will be the next big digital revolution.
This book give a comprehensive introduction to the IoT.
The first part of the book introduces embedded systems. Central topics are sensors, actuators, and the architecture of embedded systems.
The second part of the book introduces the IoT, the architecture of the IoT, IoT communication, and important IoT technologies. Other topics are also discussed like cloud computing and big data in connection with the IoT.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 Embedded Systems
  1. Introducing Embedded Systems
    1. What Is an Embedded System?
    2. Real-time Embedded Systems
    3. Embedded Systems Compared to Computers
    4. Features of Embedded Systems
    5. Robots and Embedded Systems
  2. Use of Embedded Systems
    1. Embedded Systems in Vehicles
    2. Some Examples of Embedded Systems
  3. Sensors and Actuators
    1. Transducers
    2. Sensors
    3. Some Sensors
    4. Sensor Fusion
    5. Actuators
    6. Use of Actuators
  4. Architecture of Embedded Systems
    1. Hardware Architecture
    2. Software Architecture
    3. Operating System Architecture
    4. Middleware
    5. Some Operating Systems for Embedded Systems
  5. Programming of Embedded Systems
  6. Design of Embedded Systems
    1. A Model for Embedded Systems
    2. Standards of Embedded Systems
  • Part 2 The Internet of Things
  1. What Is the Internet of Things?
  2. Examples of the Internet of Things
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet of Things
  4. How the Cloud Works
    1. What Is the Cloud?
    2. The Cloud Architecture
  5. How the Internet of Things Works
    1. The Main Components of the Internet of Things
    2. A Model for the Internet of Things
  6. Big Data and the Internet of Things
    1. Big Data
    2. Data Collection
    3. Data Aggregation
    4. Machine Learning in the Internet of Things
    5. The Role of Data Analysis in the Internet of Things
  7. Some Basic Technologies in the Internet of Things
  8. The Architecture of the Internet of Things
    1. An Overview of the Internet of Things Architecture
    2. Some Requirements for an IoT Architecture
    3. IoT Platforms
    4. A four-stage Architecture of an IoT System
    5. IoT Gateways
    6. Edge Computing
    7. IoT Mesh Networking
  9. IoT Communication
    1. Some Central Protocols in the IoT
    2. Some Wireless Connectivity Technologies
    3. Types of IoT Communication
    4. Some Communication Protocols Used in the IoT
  10. Platforms for the Internet of Things
    1. Some IoT Platforms
  11. Wiring the Internet of Things
  12. Internet of Things Security
    1. Some Threats to IoT Security
    2. Security Challenges
    3. More Layers of IoT Security Are Needed
    4. How to Secure the Internet of Things?
  13. Design for the Internet of Things
    1. Understand the Application
  14. Statistics About the Internet of Things
    1. The Size of the IoT
    2. How Much Money Is Involved in the IoT?
    3. What Is the Future of the IoT?
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Einar Krogh

Einar Krogh is teaching Informatics/Mathematics with The Faculty of Computer Science, at Ostfold University College in Norway.