A Guide to Management ‘Speak’

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39 pages
How does management speak make you feel. Annoyed, confused, amused, irritated, excluded, distrustful?
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Over de auteur

Sarah Simpson MBA, FIntLM, BSc, Dip Man, Cert Man, DCR

Sarah Simpson is a freelance trainer, lecturer, writer and the owner of Dragontooth Training and Consultancy. She is passionate about designing and delivering bespoke courses covering the public, private and third sector. She utilises th


How does management speak make you feel. Annoyed, confused, amused, irritated, excluded, distrustful?

Employers consistently describe it as one of the most irritating workplace habits & studies have shown that it negatively impacts on business.

It can be used to; baffle, confuse, alienate & cover up inadequacies & is particularly damaging in businesses with various primary languages & those that operate on a international or global stage.

This book describes & translates 175 of the ‘best’ phrases out there. I hope you will find it entertaining, informative & a conversation starter!

Would you like to take a walk across the thought tarmac, past the lipstick wearing pig before running up the blue sky flagpole and resting on the deck chairs?!

Conversely, would you prefer just to tell me what your ideas are and we can see what everyone thinks?

Or, I know its a big ask but we need to undertake a multiplicative collaboration on board the solutions train without being too vanilla!

In other words, if we work together we can come up with some creative solutions

These are just two examples of how inappropriate language becomes a barrier to effective communication.

So, how does management speak and jargon make you feel?

- Annoyed

- Amused

- Confused

- Irritated

- Excluded

- Distrustful

At very best this style of language is amusing but alongside arriving late, spreading illness and excessive gossiping it is one of the most irritating workplace habits employees describe.

It can clearly be less than funny when it is used to cover up inadequacy, attempts to confuse and alienates part of the workplace. This is of particular concern when you have a range of primary first languages or you do business in a global or international setting.

This book aims to:

- Define what management speak is

- Explains why people use it and

- Lists and translates 175 of the ‘best’ phrases out there

  • Introduction
  • Definition
  • Why Use It?
  • Examples & Translation
I have encountered some of the phrases, and I was glad that I was surprised with some other meanings that didn't cross my mind. The phrases can be used even outside the workplace.