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A Clear Mindset

A Novel Approach To Workplace Conflict Management

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This book provides an updated no-nonsense framework for understanding and then overcoming the unconscious biases that hinder our ability to deal with disagreements and conflict in a constructive way.
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  1. What Is Workplace Conflict 
    1. Origin of Workplace Conflicts 
    2. Examples of Workplace Conflicts 
  2. The 3 Strategies of Conflict Management 
    1. Conflict Resolution 
    2. Conflict Prevention 
    3. Conflict Transformation 
  3. The Neuroscience of Conflicts 
    1. The Protective Reflex of the Brain 
    2. Intuition and Rationality (and the intuitive short-cuts of the brain) 
    3. The task and people orientation effects 
  4. The 3 Major Mistakes, even Best Leaders Make 
    1. The 3 Fundamental Biases 
    2. The Negativity Bias 
    3. The Ego Bias 
    4. The Rationality Bias 
  5. The CLEAR Mindset Model 
  6. The CLEAR Mindset, The Method 
    1. Clear your mind of worries, anxieties and assumptions 
    2. Lead an open dialogue with confidence, courage and a smile 
    3. Encourage and invite different views 
    4. Align on a common intention, accepting differences of approach 
    5. Recognize opportunities and co-create positive change 

Workplace conflicts currently occupy the average working person an estimated time-equivalent of 12 days/year. The majority of these conflicts stem from different views about subjective matters. The very diversity that creates the conflict is an opportunity to learn, grow and co-create. Often, however, the time, effort and skills required to benefit from this diversity make us choose to simply work on removing the conflict as quickly as possible. 

This book provides an updated and no-nonsense framework for understanding and then overcoming the unconscious biases that hinder our ability to deal with disagreements and conflict in a constructive way.

With the help of sound and up to date insights about the Neuroscience of Conflict, you will be guided through an understanding that will forever change the way you talk, listen and negotiate during stressful conversations.

You will learn a simple five-step approach, proven effective by hundreds of leaders in blue chip organizations, that will make you and our teams able to transform workplace conflicts into positive opportunities for open constructive dialogues leading to co-creation and enhanced engagement.

About the author

Laura Lozza gained a Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry at the Genova University (Italy) and then immediately joined Procter & Gamble as Technical Brand Manager; she then continued in P&G throughout a successful international career; she lived in the USA, in Germany and Belgium and gradually moved to more global and strategic positions that exposed her to a vast range of Asian, American and European cultures. When their two children reached school age, together with her Norwegian husband she decided to move the family to Norway and joined Norsk Hydro where she continued her international career in roles that included Business Development, Marketing and General Management. She had a further expatriate assignment in France and held significant P&L responsibilities in Africa.

Constantly eager to learn, develop and grow, Laura became very quickly fascinated by leadership studies from the early days in P&G, a passion that she continued to cultivate through extensive executive education (from IMD to Ashridge) and which culminated in Coaching studies and more recently in Applied Neuroscience studies, which were both instrumental to her decision, in 2010, to leave her corporate career and become fully engaged in coaching and leadership training. She founded Grooa, a partnership of international business consultants and coaches operating in Europe and has since successfully coached and trained in coaching skills hundreds of executives.

A member of ICF, she coaches in four languages (English, Italian, French and Norwegian) and she divides her time between the city life of Oslo (Norway) where Grooa is headquarted and the country life of Gemert (Netherlands), where her third husband has his origins.

About the Author

Laura Lozza

Laura Lozza is a business veteran with international executive experience, a successful entrepreneur and business consultant, an original leadership thinker and a much sought after Executive Coach.

Her background is rich and multicultural; a multilingual “serial expatriate” who worked and lived in many different countries across 4 continents, she has an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges of international and global businesses, having served for more that two decades in Innovation, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Strategy and General Management, first within FMCG giant Procter & Gamble (13 years) and then in leading chemical company Norsk Hydro, later demerged into Yara (14 years).

After leaving the corporate world to co-found Grooa in end 2010, she has rapidly created an international reputation as the most innovative European thinker in the field of Innovation Leadership.

An inspiring and charismatic leadership trainer, who firmly believes that disagreements are the birthplace of collaborative human advances and that diversity of ideas can be productively channeled into exciting journeys of discovery to co-create positive change, her motto is “Leading with a Smile”.  

Her workshops and master classes are full of zest, inspiring provocations and surprising insights. She delivers her training online and face-to-face, both at her own retreat venue in the Netherland (the Grooa Inspiria Learning Center) and at her Client’s venues; she also has a thriving virtual coaching business. She has trained and coached hundreds of senior executives in international companies like Thermofisher, NBC Universal, BP, Mars, Pfizer, Mondelez, Oracle, HSBC, Shibsted, L’Oreal, Abbvie, P&G and Yara.  

In her business consultancy, Laura offers her Clients insights, inspiring cross-cultural perspectives and inquisitive questions. She has a direct and challenging style, combined with humor and positive empathy.