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21 Sources of Power at Work

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What makes you powerful? Would you like to find new sources of power? Using new research and by challenging the existing thinking, this book makes sense of this vital area for career success.
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To be effective at work and to maximise our career potential, we need to develop our personal power. But, do you know what makes you powerful? Would you like to find new sources of power and build on your existing strengths? Or perhaps you are just curious about how power works in organisations? The good news is that we are all powerful, but the bad news is that this is a confusing and controversial area. 

Using his original research and by updating and challenging the existing thinking in this area, this book helps us to make sense of this vital area for career success.

  1. Technical Power 
  2. Network Power 
  3. Resource Power 
  4. Image Power 
  5. Interpersonal Power 
  6. Intrapersonal Power 
  7. Coercion Power 
  8. Status Power 
  9. Impact Power 
  10. Physical Power 
  11. Integrity Power 
  12. Access Power 
  13. Silence Power 
  14. Charisma Power 
  15. Questioning Power 
  16. 2nd and 3rd Person Power 
  17. Escape Power 
  18. Political Power 
  19. Assertive Power 
  20. Stakeholder Power 
  21. Maven Power 

An exactly different book for today's organizations which want to achieve more goals and a practical guide for everyone who wants to have a better workplace, better interaction with colleagues.
About the Author

Mike Phipps