12 Ideas for Giving Virtual Recognition

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82% of employees say they're happier when recognized. In a remote team, you need to be intentional with giving & facilitating appreciation. This Expert Talk gives you 12 ideas for virtual recognition.
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Growing up surrounded by inspiring women fighting for gender equality in South America, the US, and Europe, Kat Brendel has seen first-hand the incredible value women bring to any table. As a journalist, interviewing female leaders from around the world to inspire more women to lead was the logical an


Being appreciated is a basic human need, including at work. 82% of employees say they are happier when they’re recognized. On top of that, acknowledging your team members leads to higher retention and increased productivity. In physical workspaces, recognition often happens naturally, but if you’re in a remote team, you need to be more intentional with how you give and facilitate appreciation. This Expert Talk will give you 12 ideas for virtual recognition to make your team feel valued.