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Your First 30 Days as a Leader

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This book distills decades of insight from a leading Executive Coach into a very readable handbook. If you are new to leadership, “Your First 30 Days as a Leader” is a must read.
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Based on decades of experience as a leader, Will provides a thoughtful framework of everything to consider before your first day, and then guides you through a calendar of “Must Do” activities for your first 30 days on the job. In this approachable book, Will outlines key insights and advice for those new to the leadership role, and gives clear guidance on successfully launching into your new position. You’ll get real world examples, activities, and templates. More importantly, you will benefit from an executive coaching experience that hasn’t been widely available until now.

About the Author

Will McCoy is a business unicorn. His extensive experience having led schools/districts, non-profits, startups, and for-profit businesses makes him unique in the global business community. As a strategy/leadership/creative/technology consultant to national (U.S.) and international brands, Will brings his combination of no-nonsense business practicality and human-centric management to every interaction.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What were you hired to do?
    1. Getting very clear about your role and goals
    2. Clarifying your authority
    3. Understanding your infrastructure
    4. Questions to ask
  2. How will you manage your time?
    1. Your time management reflects your priorities
    2. Structure your day accordingly
    3. Tips for managing your day
    4. Managing your first 30 day calendar
  3. Where do you begin?
    1. Presenting yourself well
    2. Communicating your expectations
    3. Setting short and long-term goals
  4. Who are you working with?
    1. Learning about your team
    2. Identifying strengths and weaknesses
    3. “They all want something”
  5. What does success look like?
    1. Aligning actions to goals
    2. Aligning communication to action
    3. Aligning people through communication
  6. How will you manage challenges?
    1. Five questions to ask
    2. Three things to consider
    3. One thing to do
  7. How will you manage your work/life balance?
    1. Being present at work
    2. Being present at home
  • Conclusion: What were you hired to do? (Revisit)
  • Resources
Great book, very insightful!!
Very straight forward, investing a couple of hours, taking notes and preparing to read it again after the first 30 days seems like a great plan.
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Will McCoy