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Why Don't My Employees Care as Much as Me?

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If you're a boss or an owner, you may ask yourself "why don't my employees care about the job as much as I do?"
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The answer is that they will never be as invested as the owner is, but they can be made to care almost as much. The key is that they need to understand the value their small contribution has in a much larger mission of the company. Too many employees are kept in the dark as to the bigger picture, but those who can get the lowest employee in the org chart to see the company mission as their own mission will do great things.

About the Author

Michael Whitehouse is an author, motivational speaker, personal business coach, and event organizer. He is the author of The Guy Who Knows A Guy, a fun and approachable book about networking. He motivates on his daily podcast, and he coaches people to figure out next steps and unravel sticky problems.

About the Author

Michael Whitehouse