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Vive la Difference

Business Communication in a Culturally Diverse World

Language:  English
Learn how to understand and leverage cultural differences when conducting business around the world.
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This book is to help you navigate your way through the pitfalls of cultural differences in countries around the world. It deals not only with superficial differences but also in training yourself to be more aware, to develop more empathy and emotional intelligence, to achieve the best possible results from any business-related exchange.

About the Author

Anthony Fitzgerald is a qualified Executive Coach, prior to which he represented publications in over 50 different countries over a period of 40 years. For nearly twenty of those years he worked for Time Magazine, one of the world’s leading media properties. He brings an awareness of many different cultures gleaned from having to sell to them, the ultimate test! He is now coaching senior executives in career management, and career transition, particularly those who have business dealings outside their own country. He enjoys living in the West Berkshire countryside in England and likes to play golf and read extensively.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. What is called for?
    1. Learning how to accept other cultures
  2. Visible and Audible Behaviours – The External
    1. Language and small talk
    2. Agendas and interruptions
    3. A few words go a long way
    4. The space between you
    5. Greetings, gestures and dress
  3. Diving Deeper into Cultural Differences
    1. Individuality supersedes generalisation
    2. Sense of power and responsibility
    3. How different cultures view time
    4. Hierarchical or equal?
    5. Different ways of thinking and communicating
  4. Prepare Yourself for Cultural Understanding
    1. Listening and observing
    2. Empathy, emotional intelligence and respect
    3. Power, decision-making and assertiveness
    4. The respect we have for ourselves
  5. Culture Tips for the Top 25 Countries by GDP
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Anthony Fitzgerald