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Virtual Onboarding

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This book looks at the basic concepts of onboarding, its benefits, when to begin, who to involve and how to achieve successful delivery in a virtual environment.
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New recruits to armed forces must attend basic training to learn the values and ethos of the Service as well as the skills and knowledge required for their specific role. Business has adapted military basic training models, to provide onboarding processes that begin prior to the first day of employment. The continuance of tried and tested arrangements is, however, under threat by the emergence of a virtual workforce which has different needs and who demand new methods of delivery. This short ebook will explore the basic concepts of onboarding and how to achieve successful delivery in a virtual workplace.

About the authors

We each have over 30 years’ experience in public sector HR. We support public-sector employers on HR matters and have worked with Bookboon on a series of eBooks about HR issues. Our approach is to offer practical and common-sense solutions based on best practice.

  • About the Authors
  1. Definitions and Scope
    1. Definition of onboarding
    2. Onboarding v Induction
    3. Setting the Scene through Good Recruitment
    4. Target Audience
    5. Time to Reflect
  2. Goals and Participants
    1. Goals
    2. Role of HR
    3. Manager and Team Input
    4. Other Services and Stakeholders
    5. Individual v Group Employment
    6. Time to Reflect
  3. Tools and Technology
    1. Technology Policy
    2. Monitoring Activities
    3. Onboarding Software
    4. Gamification
    5. Tools for the Job
    6. Time to Reflect
  4. Before the First Day
    1. Have a Plan
    2. Employment Readiness
    3. Organisational Housekeeping
    4. Manager’s Input
    5. Time to Reflect
  5. First Day and Beyond
    1. Phased Approach
    2. Legal and Procedural Requirements
    3. Orientation
    4. Socialisation
    5. Performance Management
    6. Time to Reflect
  6. Reviews and Updating
    1. Assessment of Goals
    2. Scope and Methods
    3. Updating the Program
    4. Time to Reflect
  • References and Further Help
  • Table of Figures
About the Author

Jill Seymour & Bernard Nawrat