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Upholding Respect and Trust – Setting Expectations

37m 41s
Language:  English
Julie Hogbin talks about Respect of self, others and things and Trust in all its glory. Including a 10-factor model you can use to analyse why you trust & respect some and not others.
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Julie Hogbin shares the value and importance of Trust and Respect along with definitions, examples and a 10-factor model that you can use for any situation and any relationship you are in to assess the likelihood of trust and respect being present and what you can do positively to affect change.By using the model to analyse you and the situation you will establish why you trust and why you don’t and what happens to break trust.Please remember when trust is broken it is nigh on impossible to rebuild – it is a fragile thing that grows with use rather than depletes. #ConsciousLeadership for Business & Life

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