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The Violence of the Customer Experience Economy

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The biggest problem in CX today is linking it to profits. Learn how you can leverage your data to improve profits, understanding the most important moment of the experience: the decision to buy.
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The Experience Economy is among the most violent economy in the history of capitalism. You could have highly satisfied customers who would love to recommend you -- but still go under. The trick to an effective, profitable CX program is measuring the most important thing: what makes you worth it -- or not -- to your customers? In this presentation, we’ll help you figure out how to answer that question.

About the Author

Mary Drumond, Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix, is considered one of the rising voices of Customer Experience (CX). She has been featured as a thought leader by various publications and authored multiple pieces on the state of Customer Experience.As host of the Voices of CX Podcast, for 5 seasons Mary has interviewed best-selling authors, world-renowned speakers, and top CX executives. Their conversations have ranged from helping organizations keep up with the Experience Economy to creating customer-centric cultures around the globe.

About the Author

Mary Drumond