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The Origins of the Four-Day Work Week

An Abeceder Quotation Conversation

23m 42s
Language:  English
Andrew Barnes is the driving force behind the four-day work week campaign. Here he discusses a Nick Hornby quotation and its role in the ideas behind the four-day work week.
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When Andrew Barnes saw the impact that a four-day work week had on his companies Guardian Perpetual and the Coulthard Barnes group of companies in 2018, he decided to share what happened. It was not long before he found himself at the head of a movement to get the world working a four-day work week. In this Abeceder Quotation Conversation he discusses with Michael Millward the impact that a quotation from Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby had on the way that he works and manages his businesses and employees and how that led to the four-day work week.

Note: This Abeceder Quotation Conversation includes two incidents of language which some listeners might find offensive.

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