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The Little Book of Inspiration

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It’s fun doing things slightly better and this book is about small ideas that can have a big impact.
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  1. Creating Dreams and Setting Goals 
    1. Have outrageous dreams 
    2. Britain’s legacy of vision and invention is astonishing 
    3. Talent thinking is more important than inherent talent 
    4. Think in Ink 
    5. Go find a Buddy 
  2. Getting going on Performance 
    1. Concentrate on what you can control 
    2. Make simplicity an obsession 
    3. Forget egos, find more performance friends 
  3. Delivering Supreme Performance 
    1. The Sigmoid Curve 
    2. Active and psychological battle space 
  4. Handling Disappointment, Adversity and Overcoming Problems 
    1. Start from the basis that good things happen 
    2. Snatching defeat out of the Jaws of victory 
  5. Winning After Winning – Catching the Next Wave 

It’s fun doing things slightly better and this book is about small ideas that can have a big impact.

After all, where’s the fun in being mediocre when we don’t have to be.

Steve Backley, Roger Black and Humphrey Walters combined their different performance journeys to produce a simple book of real examples, which easily adapts to any environment.

We have compiled these ideas into a book that can be read in 60 minutes.

Slip this one into your pocket or bag and read it on a train or plane journey.

Dip in and out when it suits you.

About the author

Humphrey Walters works exclusively in helping individuals perform to high levels as well as developing winning teams and leaders for many Organisations and professional bodies.

1996/97 he completed the BT Global Challenge, dubbed “The World’s toughest round the World Yacht Race”, aboard Ocean Rover as a practical example of Leadership and Teamwork in a tough environment.

He also works with teams, which range from the England rugby team which won the world cup in 2003, Olympic games, premier division football teams, schools, businesses, Government departments, Industry and professional bodies.

In 2006 he developed the team for JCB which gained the world land speed record for a diesel car at Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA. He also works with Chelsea Football Club and Manor racing one of the new formula 1 teams.

He has written extensively about High Performing Teams and Leaders and is the co-author of the book “Global Challenge” which is a study of Leadership and Teambuilding used during this arduous event. “Global Challenge” has sold over 35.000 copies and is in its 16th reprint. He has also written “The little book of Winning” which is a punchy book highlighting his winning ideas, and “The little book of Inspiration”with two Olympic athletes and the Little book of nutrition.

He is an active sportsman having been involved in rugby, squash at county level and cricket and has also completed over 48 marathons for charity. He is a lover of nature and the countryside and has recently written a childrens book “The tree that never forgot” which is about a little boy who develops a relationship with a wise old oak tree that teaches him all about nature.

It is a very much needed kind of book in today's world. It eminently readable and full of practical ideas.
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Humphrey Walters